Yummy Addictions (The Yummy Trilogy #1) by Belle Davis

Yummy Addictions by Belle Davis
Series: The Yummy Trilogy #1

4 Yummy ★

This book is like a chemistry lesson. A sexual chemistry lesson.
You have a Cuban girl and a Yummy man who meet (again) in an airport, both going from Miami to Paris. She’s recently divorced and wants a luxury vacation by herself and he’s taking another flight from Paris to Barcelona to get on a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea.
Long story short we have: a hot flight where the two of them turn each other on as much as they can, a 5★ vacation in Paris (she takes us everywhere, from the 5 ★ hotel, to shopping, sight seeing and great restaurants) and then hot, yummy sex.
Don’t expect too much, just enjoy the ride.

I gave it 4 ★ because their attraction was credible, the sex part was “ahhh-maaaaay-ziiiiiiiiing” and it’s an honest, down-to-earth book that doesn’t overdo/overthink things. Some books fail just because of that. Oh, and because I love Paris with all my heart.
I also loved her nicknames (before knowing his name she calls him Mr. Salt & Pepper, for example). She does that a lot. She’s also real, honest, funny and plays smart.
I loved him for being a charming gentleman and a total alpha-male, like “you’re mine” and “I don’t share”.

I think it’s a 4 not 5★ because it ends with a cliffhanger, which I usually hate. But I do agree that it’s a great setup for a sequel.

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