Wild Man (Dream Man #2) by Kristen Ashley

by Kristen Ashley
Wild Man Series: Dream Man #2

Meet Brock Lucas & Tessa O’Hara. He is a cop and she owns a bakery.
He’s actually a DEA Agent undercover and his mission was to find out more about her, to get to her ex-husband. But, of course, they fall madly in love.

The good in the book:
– they’re both over 40, so they’re mature.
– their relationship. Don’t get in stupid fights over stupid reasons and they tell each other everything. “No games, no lies, no bullshit.”
– the emotional triggers, suspense, banter and romance.
– him being the definition of alpha male.

The bad:
– I don’t know what happened to KA, as I’ve other books written by her and they’re more than ok. But this one? OMG! I couldn’t keep up with her long paragraphs, endless descriptions of a small, insignificant things, basically run on sentences you can hardly understand.
– Way too much sweets. Ok, she owns a bakery, but KA, honey, please stop describing every flavor there is, because i’ll gain 50 pounds if i ever read another book like this one.
– I didn’t understand the name of the book. Why is it called Wild Man? How’s Brock Wild?