Untouchable (Unexpected Love #1) by Isabel Love

Untouchable (Unexpected Love, #1) by Isabel Love
Series: Unexpected Love #1
on April 6, 2017

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Monica Morgan is off limits. One-hundred percent untouchable.
Too bad I didn't know that when we first met. We were just two strangers in a club, drawn together by chemistry. Hot, SIZZLING chemistry.
Imagine my surprise when I discover that she's my new boss.And now that we work together, she's determined to keep it professional.
My problem? I can't forget the night we met. That searing kiss. The way she felt in my hands.
I find myself willing to break the rules to get closer to her.Though she tries to fight it, I know she feels it, too. This pull.
It's all in the way she fidgets whenever I'm around. It's all in those lingering, hungry looks she casts my way when she thinks no one is watching.
Despite the risk to my job that comes with pursuing her, I can't seem to stay away from her.I want to forget about the rules and make her mine.
Warning: This book is recommended for readers over 18 years of age.

5 Mesmerizing Stars ⭐️

Dr Monica Morgan is a ‘32 year old single woman in need of a dance and a drink’. With a job that consumes her waking hours, she can’t remember the last time she relaxed.

On a night out to just dance and release some stress, she loses herself on the dance floor to a complete stranger. When good sense kicks in, she flees.

Max Spencer ‘male nurse’ is utterly charming & adorable and completely shocked to learn that his new boss is none other then the goddess that fled that night at the club. Such a pity that Dr Morgan wants that night forgotten.

“The universe is playing a joke on me right now.”
“What does that make her? My boss? No, my boss’s boss.
Translation: untouchable.
Fuck. I want to touch her again.”

When both Max and Monica can no longer avoid one another at work, they settle on a friendship. If only they could stop fantasizing about each other.

“I know I promised you I wouldn’t kiss you again…”
“You did.”
“I need you to let me break that promise, and I need you to not fire me if I do, because…I really want to kiss you right now.”

They may agree to take things slowly but spending time together just proves that they have so much more then chemistry.

‘A smile steals across his face and he looks so happy. Thank fucking god. “You love me?” he asks.
“Yes.” I smile back at him. “You want me to say it again?”

Untouchable is a mesmerizing story with characters that are hard not to love. This book is filled with heart melting romance, no petty drama, and just two people that are perfect together. Not to mention a side cast of friends that will have you smiling and wishing that they were yours.

Our heroine just needs to realize that work or society’s standards shouldn’t dictate ones happiness. I loved this book!

Just as a side note, if you need another reason to read this fantastic book, Isabel Love writes some of the most refreshingly original sexy, erotic and delicious sex scenes….