Until Nico (Until #4) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

by Aurora Rose Reynolds
Until Nico Series: Until #4

And so I finished Until Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds. Four very nice books, but if you read one, you can say you read them all, since they are pretty much the same, except the characters, of course.
Maybe that’s why I reviewed just the first one of the series, Until November.

Four books, four brothers. Each one of them is more alpha than the other. They all are possessive, protective cavemen. They all know what they want and there’s no room for negotiation.
It’s been said there’s a curse in their family. All Mayson men in the family will meet their soulmates and they’ll instantly know. It will be a BOOM! And that’s what happened with the four brothers. Insta-love. Insta-i-wanna-have-your-babies. Insta-you’re-mine.

The good thing that in all their craziness, they’re really good people. I loved them all, one by one. So the story is the same in all books. Boy meets girl. Boy puts a stamp on girl’s forehead claiming her. Boy and girl have smutty hot sex. Boy protects girl. Towards the end someone gets kidnapped and the epilogue is full of babies. Not kidding. It turns out to be that super big, super loud, awesome family (at least) I dreamed about. Asher has 5 daughters with November, Trevor has a boy and a girl with Liz, Cash has a boy and a girl with Lilly and Nico has 6 kids, I think.

So that’s about it. Very little drama and lots of love. I gave them all 5★ because that’s my perfect pink fairytale right there. I want all of that. Plus, I really enjoyed the author’s style of writing.

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