Until December (Until Her/Him #8) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until December by Aurora Rose Reynolds
on July 30, 2019

Gareth Black is drawn to December Mayson the moment he spots her across the room at her cousin’s wedding. When he approaches the beautiful woman, she captivates him with her shyness and wit, making him crave her.
With a pull so strong it’s impossible to ignore, December knows there’s something between her and Gareth. She just hopes they’re capable of jumping the hurdles ahead of them.
Two boys, an ex, a surprise that will change everything, and a disgruntled co-worker, guarantee these two will have their work cut out for them if they are going to find their happily ever after.

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Alpha ⭐️

There are authors out there who write the same book over and over again and ARR is definitely one of them. If you read any of the Until series, you can say you read them all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing, I kinda like it. It feels like I can count on her for delivering some great, perfect pink fairytales. 🙂

I always pick Aurora Rose Reynolds’s novels when I’m the mood for a true alpha hero, the caveman style who leaves no room for any doubts when it comes to their love, protection and devotion to the woman they fall in love with.
The heroines some are stronger than the others, usually a little bit clueless to the fact they just met the man of their dreams and to the fact they he already laid his claim on them.

December is this first grade teacher, who meets Garrett at her cousin wedding, but also where her sister, April sees Garrett first and mentions how hot he is, so based on the pact the sisters made so long ago – if one of them is interested in a guy, he’s definitely of limits to the other sisters, no matter what. Funny thing happens, December and Garrett end up going home together and spending the night together. Next morning, she sneaks out of his bed and home. Consumed with remorse, December faces April who is super understanding to the whole situation, basically because she noticed Garrett’s interest in her sister during the whole event.

Garrett’s a single dad of two cute boys, but with his crazy selfish bitch of an ex showing up so stir some shit and cause a little bit of drama.

I enjoyed reading this book quite a lot. My kind of trope, good plot, so there you have it.
I won’t ever miss out on reading any of ARR’s Until-books! ❤️