Unconditional by Q.B. Tyler

Unconditional by Q.B. Tyler

It only takes one moment to change the course of someone’s life.One moment to link two souls forever.
That moment came when I pulled her out of her darkest hour.The tragedy that threatened to swallow her whole and shatter her innocence.
Save her.Protect her.Love her.I vowed.
Ten years later, my vows are the same.
But I’m differentShe’s differentWe’re different.
And the feelings threatening to break free have the power to destroy everything.
I’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe, but what if the very thing she needs protection from...is me?
*This book contains elements of taboo and is intended for mature audiences.

4 Forbidden Stars ⭐️ 

Unconditional is the story of Maddie a young girl who lost both parents to a double murder/suicide and is rescued by Cal a junior law enforcement officer who finds her at the scene of the crime. Without any other real family, Cal takes custody of Maddie.

Present day sees 10 years have passed and Maddie is approaching her 18th birthday. At this stage I’m sure you all can see where this is heading….

This book could certainly be classed as a taboo read because it features a guardian and his ward falling for each other, not to mention a large age gap.
BUT to be fair this is not exactly a new trope and I’m not overly sensitive. If ‘yes daddy’ offends then this book is possibly not for you although it’s almost not worth mentioning.

It is a story of two people that truly love one another and understand the ramifications if they entered into a relationship. But the heart wants, what the heart wants damn the consequences.
This is a very hot and explicit read, so be warned. I really enjoyed this although it takes a strangely twisted turn at the end.

Maybe all along I’d been falling in love with her. Not in a sexual way, but in a way that made me love her mind and her soul and her heart. The way that made me believe in soul mates’.