Twisted Hearts (The Camorra Chronicles #5) by Cora Reilly

Twisted Hearts by Cora Reilly
Pages: 340
Series: The Camorra Chronicles #5
on January 7, 2020

Savio Falcone has a few non-negotiable rules when it comes to girls. They need to be hot as f*ck. Spread their legs without much prompting. And leave as soon as the fun is over. Preferably minus any bitching or tears. With his easy-going bad boy attitude, a last name that rules over Las Vegas and a body to die for, girls have always been at Savio’s disposal. Unfortunately, the hottest girl in Vegas comes with a price Savio isn’t willing to pay. For Savio to get Gemma he’d need to seal the deal and put a ring on her finger. Settling down is out of the question, no matter how hot a piece of ass waits at the altar. Gemma Bazzoli has had a crush on Savio from the first moment she came face to face with his arrogant smile, but for him she was always his best friend's annoying little sister—until her hard-earned curves catch even his attention. But Savio likes it easy, and Gemma is anything but. When she’s promised to another man, Gemma resigns herself to the fact that the man she’s wanted all her life, doesn’t want her badly enough. Savio has to decide how much work he’s willing to invest, because bending the rules in his usual style might not be enough to get the girl that haunts his wet dreams. - Can be read as a standalone-

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The BULL & the Kitty ⭐️

Oh, Mrs. Reilly, my heart’s twisted alright! The whole time I was reading it, I debated constantly if I love Savio, if I admire Gemma or think she’s the most naïve little girl in the world who has no place being a Falcone.

Meet Savio Falcone. He’s the unapologetic man whore. A ruthless made man ever since he was just a teenager. He kills and tortures people without any regret. He’s cocky and arrogant. He has a bull tattoo right next to his penis. 🙄 He can also be funny and charming and seem like he’s the easy-going of all Falcone brothers.

“Everything was tinged with humor, sarcasm, or arrogance. It was his armor, his way to cope with a cruel past and a brutal present. “

Now, here comes Gemma. First of all, let me tell you that she met Savio when she was ten years old and decided right then and there that he was the ONE for her. It didn’t matter that he saw her for the kid she was, his soldier’s/closest friend’s little sister and all that.
She was part of the most traditional Italian family I have ever read about. Her first kiss was going to be in a church, on her wedding day. She was a choir girl, never allowed to wear jeans and her dresses where as modest as they could be.
She loved two things fiercely: fighting and Savio. So, you see, there’s already something so interesting about her. I mean how can you love to fight and then sing the the church choir wearing your Amish dress?

“Gemma was the full package. Choir girl and sex bomb, a lethal combination of heaven and hell. “

She eventually grew up and men started noticing her, even Savio. Close to her being sixteen, her father started looking for a husband to marry her.

“For some reason, I’d never considered the option that I might not end up at Savio’s side in the end. Whenever I’d imagined my future, my name had been Gemma Falcone with Savio giving me that annoying, arrogant smile. I’d never minded an arranged marriage because it had always been clear that Savio would be the one I’d be promised to. It had always felt like fate, an irrefutable truth. “

Unfortunately, it took having her engaged to one his soldiers for Savio to react and wake up.

“Oh Kitty, I will own you, even if I have to shove my knife into his fucking heart.”

I can’t say that’s when their story really begins, because it actually does many years ago, when they first met. I admired Gemma a whole lot for not giving up on her dream of having Savio, despite everything. I also gave her a lot of points for sticking to her guns towards the end too. She proved me worthy of being a Falcone. 😬

It was an interesting journey for these two. Heartbreaking when thinking about this little naive girl who falls in love with man totally wrong for her. Infuriating watching Savio sleep around and being a jackass when it came to Gemma and her beliefs. Disturbing when it came to Mafia business. Thank God Cora Reilly is this awesome author, who knows how to write a perfect mafia romance novel!

I would highly recommend you to read Twisted Hearts, the fifth in the Camorra Chronicles. It can be a standalone, but it would be a pitty to miss the previous ones, trust me!