Twisted Bonds (The Camorra Chronicles #4) by Cora Reilly

Twisted Bonds by Cora Reilly
Series: The Camorra Chronicles #4
on August 25, 2019

Can you ever truly leave the past behind in a house full of haunted souls?
Kiara always wanted a loving family she could take care of. She never thought she’d find it with the Falcones.Nino and Kiara both lost part of themselves in their traumatic childhood. Together they’re trying to recover the missing pieces, but they aren’t the only broken souls in the Falcone mansion; Kiara fears that not all of them can be saved. Determined to protect her new family and the future of her dreams, she’s on a mission to help each of them in her own way, even if it means stacking up secrets.
Four brothers bound together by an unbreakable bond forged in their dark past. If one of them falls, will they all?

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Love in the Darkness ⭐️

I’m beginning this review not knowing exactly how many stars this book deserves. I haven’t made up my mind yet, I guess I’ll start typing and it will come to me.

I’m thankful for Cora Reilly filling in the blanks, but also I feel like we should have gotten so much more out of this story. It’s all about Kiara and Nino during the times that we focused our attention on Remo and Serafina. So there were many things we already knew and there a were just a few new developments. It’s like we’ve been robbed of an actual story. I know how much I’ve wanted another installment in the series.

That being said, I still enjoyed reading it. I mean, it’s still wonderful to see emotionless-Nino caring so much for his life. Side note: if you ever watched Elementary, the tv series about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, imagine Nino as Sherlock, personality wise.

“I love you exactly as you are. And maybe you are a monster, but you are my monster.”

As any respectable mafia romance, this one too has tons of angst and so many difficult times our heroes need to overcome, plus all the darkness and cruelty that defines the mob life.

“It won’t be. I know you can deal with darkness, but so can I. I’ve lived through darkness. I’ve lived through it without anyone there to save me. I was alone with my fear, with everything. But today, I wasn’t, because I have you, and you’ll always save me. And because I have this family, who protects each other till death. I can deal, Nino, because the good outweighs the dark. Today even more than yesterday.”

Their family is beautiful and fun, despite all. Savio is still a hoot, Serafina is still a true Capo wife, Adamo breaks my heart but I still love him [Spoiler](can’t wait to see him under Luca)[/spoiler], we catch more of Remo as a father, plus the “surprises” that come in Nino and Kiara’s life are so wonderful and “save this book” from a bad review. ☺️

All in all, I think it’s a book worth reading, especially since I’m guessing you’re a Cora Reilly fan and you read the others in the series too. It can be a standalone, but if you stumble upon my review and decide to give it a try, start from the beginning , not with this one.