Tiny Pieces by Stephanie Henry

Tiny Pieces by Stephanie Henry
Pages: 168
on October 2, 2018

And those who wrecked us.
For Aria Clarke, Cole Porter is all her tiny pieces.
When Cole shows up in Aria’s hometown a decade after being gone, her whole world changes. She thought she had moved on, but the past has a way of taking hold of her again and dragging her back into the depths of first love and first heartbreak.
After everything she believed to be true turns out to be a lie, she’ll have to decide if the hurt she endured in the past is too much of a risk to try again, or if just maybe first love deserves a second chance after all.

Bad, bad, really bad move on my part picking this book right after finishing a hilarious rom-com. 

One thing is for sure. The title is a perfect fit. This is kind of a short story (about 160 pages), but so full of emotions. Unfortunately, most of them are sadness, sorrow, unbelieveable heartbreak and so on.
Too sad of a story for such a short length. 

Childhood best friends get a second chance at experiencing the true love you get once in a lifetime, but only after they shatter your heart and soul in billions of tiny pieces. This author’s writing is so good, that i actually felt every piece chipping away.

Something to remember:

“Don’t be with the first guy who like you, Aria.
Wait for the guy YOU like.”

“I was always holding on to the past. And until I heal the wounds of yesterday, I’ll never stop bleeding.”

”ARC provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.”