Three Simple Rules (Blindfold Club #1) by Nikki Sloane

Three Simple Rules by Nikki Sloane
Series: Blindfold Club #1

Also by this author: The Initiation

69 Red!

“Green means go, yellow means you’re getting close, and red means stop because you’re right on the verge.”

Trust me, you’ll say “red” a few times while reading this book. You may also want to keep your hubby/boyfriend or even Bob close by.

I haven’t read a great erotica book for some time now. This was published a year ago!!! Where was I? How could i not know about this masterpiece? Anyways, better late than never, right?

Evelyn made a huge mistake at work. To fix it and not lose her job she needs to pay the company 10.000$. Evelyn’s friend, Payton is a super high-class escort, working in an exclusive club. The only option for Evelyn to get that money is to go to the club for 1 night.
Her client will be “HIM”. The one and only.

And when he said:
No, that was my purchase. (referring to a bottle of wine received from the club before he left) You were the complimentary gift.”

There’s tons of sex. Hot sex. Sizzling sex. Fun sex. Loving sex. Hard & fast and slow & easy sex. All the best kinds of sex and then, BAM! Threesome sex. M/F/F. If my kindle didn’t burst into flames after this one, it will never do.

At some point i was really afraid that I finally found someone to replace Christian Grey with. That’s how big it is. That’s how awesome HE is. That’s how much I loved their story. (If you don’t know by now, for me, in erotica and maybe also romance, my true #1 and undefeated after 300+ books is Mr. Grey).

“I have rules,” he said.
“You don’t get to ask question, no matter what.
Rule two is you answer my questions, and you have to answer them honestly.
The last rule is your body belongs to me, so that means your orgasms are mine. You don’t come without my permission.”

It ends with a cliffhanger, just to “introduce” us to book #2. But I’m almost sure it can be read as a standalone too.