The Rules (Off-Limits #2) by Elizabeth Brown

The Rules by Elizabeth Brown
Series: Off-Limits #2

Also in this series: The Lessons
Also by this author: The Lessons

“I’m not religious, but: Sweet Jesus Mother-of-Mary.”

Yep, that should do it. THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING! Ten times better than the first one in the series and I really liked that one.
In case you missed it, The Lessons was about Ryan and Natalie. Ryan’s baby sister, Ainsley and Ryan’s best friend, Lambo Christie are getting together in this one.

Things are quite simple:
Ainsley is 24-year-old and suffers from vaginismus, which means she’s basically a virgin because nothing can go in. Nada. Zip. No man has been able to break in.
Lambo is 31 and a manwhore. Full of himself (but with good reason) takes Ainsley’s problem as a challenge and there we have it. He’s basically a Ryan without a PhD.
Things are more complex than that, but I like keeping things short and simple for you, to have the pleasure of discovering them as you read it by yourself. So don’t worry, this book is million miles away from being shallow.

Why is this so great, you ask? Because:

1. Elizabeth Brown has her way of connecting with her readers. Meaning that all her characters so far (I’ve only read two of her books) are speaking directly to us, like our long time friends. I love this.

2. Lambo. He might be a man-whore, but:
“Oh hell, who was I kidding. I wanted to try. I was a sucker for that manwhore just like every other girl in this planet.”
He’s also charming, funny, too honest and having him whisper dirty sexy things could make your “knee caps to evaporate” (Natalie was saying this about Ryan in The Lessons).
“Jock boy in glasses. My mind practically short-circuited from the hotness paradox.”

3. Having complex characters, who aren’t just rolling-on-the-floor-funny types or horny 90% of the time, but they deal with super serious issues like abuse, depression, mental illnesses. That’s big, admit it. In my opinion Elizabeth Brown does a wonderful job combining all these together. You really have to be an amazing writer to pull off a book like this.

4. Vaginismus. Really Ms. Brown? 🙂 Indefinite number of points for being this creative.

5. The whole thing with Lambo’s real name. I think I forgot to mention this. Lambo’s just a nickname and trust me, you can’t guess where does it come from or what’s his real name. I loved the mystery around this.

6. Ainsley’s name. Something different. Something else. Cool!

7. Inner monologues. Babbling on both parts. I could also add here their banter.

8. The End. OH! MY! GOOD! I don’t want to spoil it for you so I won’t say anything else, but this was one of the best of the best possible marriage proposals in the whole world.

This book is just 2.99$ on Amazon. It’s a pity to leave it there, trust me. It’s worth much more and you’d be a fool not to read it. In the end, Elizabeth Brown says: “Post a review or tell a friend and I’ll send you all sorts of karmic goodness.”, so I’m waiting for mine. 🙂


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