The Rebel King (All the King’s Men Duet #2) by Kennedy Ryan

The Rebel King by Kennedy Ryan
Pages: 388
on November 18, 2019

Ambition. Revenge. Love.
RITA® Award-winning author Kennedy Ryan delivers the gripping conclusion to the All the King’s Men Duet.
Raised to resist. Bred to fight. Survival is in my blood and surrender is never an option.
Though surrender is what Maxim Cade demanded of my body and heart, I had other plans. We were fast-burning fascination and combustible chemistry, but the man I trusted with everything was a trickster. A thief who stole my love. If what we had was a lie, why did it feel so real? The man I swore to hate will have it all, and wants me at his side. But power is a game, and we’re the pawns and players.
Facing insurmountable odds, will we win the world, or will we lose it all?

Also by this author: Long Shot (Hoops, #1), The Kingmaker

“Let’s not fear the future. Let’s make it.” ⭐️

“The past is behind us. The future is ours. Figure out how you can change the world right now, and don’t fear it. Do it.”

You know that feeling you get after finishing a book that’s supposed to never end? When you’re afraid to check what page you’re on? When you simply devour it, enjoying every word of it? That’s The Rebel King!

The final installment of All the King’s Men Duet. I refuse to give you any details about the plot, as I’m sure if you already read and enjoyed The Kingmaker, there’s no way you will be able to resist not picking this one too.

I was floored by story development. Not in a million years would have I ever expected such a turn of events. You won’t even know what hit you. Kennedy Ryan will shock you to the core.

I definitely appreciated that again I had so many things to learn, from bioluminescence in Tomales Bay to life lessons on ambition, courage, success, fear, fighting and love.

“Nistan. Run. Keep running. You don’t stop running because it’s hard. You don’t stop running because it hurts. Don’t you dare stop running because someone says you’ll never finish the race, or even that it’s not your race to run. Prove them all wrong. Blaze your own trail.”

I felt like I couldn’t take my next breath if i didn’t turn the page. I felt like the world would end if I put my Kindle down. I cried a lot and the pain in my chest was about to kill me. I swooned hard each and every time Doc and Nix were together.

This duet is a force that will suck you in. Kennedy Ryan will make you part of everything, so you’ll have all the feels. The time is now! Now is the moment you go grab yourself a copy and start reading.