The One Night Stand Before Christmas (Reindeer Falls #3) by Jana Aston

by Jana Aston
The One Night Stand Before Christmas Series: Reindeer Falls #3
on November 21, 2019

Dear Santa,
Please stop by my house and pick up your suit. If you thought I was going to run it to the dry cleaners for you after you left it on my bedroom floor, you’ve got another think coming.
Best, Noel Winter

4 Ho-Ho-Hoing Stars ⭐

Only in Reindeer Falls does one shag Santa. Of course, it all started innocently enough with Noel Winter agreeing to supervise the Santa Photos at their local library.  Rewarding herself by bedding Santa was merely an afterthought.

“So here I am. Ho-ho-helping. All I have to do is get Santa into the Santa suit and ensure none of the children knee him in the balls.”

Except this wasn’t dad bod Santa, this was Santa with his megawatt charm who could entice the pants off anyone including her.  Who imagined that hot chocolate would be the perfect aphrodisiac? 

“How does Santa stay STD-free?”

 I’m unbuckling his pants as I ask, and I really hope I can get to the punchline without laughing. 

“Tell me. ” 

“He always wraps his package before shoving it down the chimney. “

In a town that is enraptured by the magic of Christmas even the biggest cynic will eventually succumb.  In a case of mistaken identities, a side of matchmaking, I chuckled through this imaginative journey of Winter and Theo falling in love. Where Jana Aston plucks her humour from I have no idea, but it certainly amuses me!