The Lessons (Off-Limits #1) by Elizabeth Brown

The Lessons by Elizabeth Brown
Series: Off-Limits #1

Also in this series: The Rules
Also by this author: The Rules

4 Virgin Stars ★

I requested this book on Netgalley because of the blurb.
“Question: What happens when a thirty-year-old virgin hires a sex surrogate to take care of her “little problem”?

Answer: Lots of laughs and tons of heat. You’ll be left wanting a Dr. Ryan Andrews of your own.”

How can you not be curious about that? Well, let’s say that it paid off.
Let me tell you about it.

So, we have a thirty-year-old virgin, Natalie Reese, who moves across America just to lose her virginity. She had a boyfriend 8 years ago who turned out to be gay, then life got in the way and long story short she didn’t find any man to “solve her problem”. Once the few men she dated found out she was a virgin, they would run for the hills. So, she decides to move from New York to San Francisco, because she wants to hire the services of a sex surrogate to take her virginity. And because she wanted to start fresh, someplace new.

Enter Ryan Andrews, sex surrogate/Greek God/psychologist. They actually meet a few days before they start the therapy or the process of losing her v-card. They hit it off, both attracted to each other. So imagine their surprise when they find out they’ll be working together toward the ultimate goal.

There were indeed lots of laughs and certainly tons of heat. Natalie is quite funny, but the missing star in my rating comes from her constant worry and mention of her virginity. Ok, I get it, it was kind of the focal point of the whole thing, but at some point I thought it was too much. It certainly made me laugh really loud through out the whole book.

I loved both characters and the plot might be simple somehow, but it’s centered. Focused.
Also, I appreciated having dual POV.
Oh, and there was some drama placed carefully in this funny sexy story, so you don’t get bored with all the laughing. You’ll might shed a few tears too.

All in all, don’t miss out on this one. It’s a stand alone book 1 in The Off-Limits series and it doesn’t end with a cliffhanger.

This was a free copy provided by Netgalley.