The Initiation (Filthy Rich Americans #1) by Nikki Sloane

The Initiation by Nikki Sloane
Series: Filthy Rich Americans #1
on May 28, 2019

No one knows how new members are selected to the board of Hale Banking and Holding. But there are rumors of a sordid rite of initiation.
Whispers how one woman and nine men disappear into a boardroom.
This time, that woman will be me.
The Hale family owns everything—the eighth largest bank in the world, everyone in our town, even the mortgage on my parents’ mansion. And now Royce Hale wants to own me.
He is charming. Seductive. Ruthless. But above all, he’s the prince of lies. My body may tighten with white-hot desire under his penetrating gaze, but I refuse to enjoy it.
I’ll make a deal with the devil to save my family and sell myself to the Hales. But Royce will never own my heart.

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4 Be Medusa Stars ⭐️ 

Sold into marriage to keep her family out of imminent bankruptcy and disgrace, Marist Northcott sees her future dissolve before her eyes.

The Hale Family owns the town being the eighth richest bank owners in the world. With heir, Royce Hale next in line to the proverbial ‘throne’ a wife is required.  With Marist’s sister out of the running, green haired Marist is summoned.   Afterall the Northcott surname is all that’s required.

What we soon learn is that there are two sides to Royce Hale. The man destined to run an empire and the son who is shackled by his father’s demands.

“I do what I’m told because there’s no alternative. Everything is planned or scheduled. I don’t get to make decisions because my entire fucking life has already been scripted.”

Acknowledging that Marist is a pawn in this game he will go to extraordinary lengths to protect the one person he actually cares for. 

“When I put a ring on your finger,” he murmured in the hollow of my throat, “I’ll fuck you non-stop. I’m going to get inside you, Marist, and probably never want to leave.”

Unfortunately what he fails to mention is the ‘Initiation’ process required for the newly appointment future Mrs Hale. And holy hell it is not for the faint of heart 🔥

Be mindful of when beginning The Initiation that this is the first book in The Filthy Rich Americans Trilogy. This was a fantastic read with an original story line, a likable hero & heroine and Nikki Sloane’s signature hot as Hades sex scenes, yum!
BUT, the cliffhanger almost killed me….