The Engagement Gift by Lauren Blakely

The Engagement Gift by Lauren Blakely
on August 16, 2019

Some fantasies are better left unsaid.
Besides, I don’t need to act on my dirty dreams, not when my fiancé and I have the kind of after dark adventures others dream of — wild, daring and oh so frequent.
I can’t risk losing him by voicing my deepest, dirtiest desire. But the hotter our role playing gets, the closer I come to telling him what I want most — him and his best friend at the same time.
Until the night I do…
The Engagement Gift is a standalone 20,000 word MFM novella with an HEA and NO cheating! Be prepared for a red-hot story that'll heat you up and make you toss off your panties!

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3 The Gift Of All Gift Stars ⭐️ 

The Engagement Gift is an erotic novella that will melt your heart and your panties and is guaranteed to steam up your kindle 🔥 Don’t be deceived by the elegant cover, this book is filthy!

“What would it be like with two men focused on me, and only me? Would it be as wild and wicked as it is in my imagination?”

Lily is on the verge of marrying the love of her life, Finn. She’s aware that she is extremely lucky to have a man that not only adores her but can satisfy her both mentally and sexually. With an active sex life, it isn’t unusual for the pair to indulge in role playing.

But when the opportunity arises for her to disclose her ultimate fantasy to her fiancé, can she risk her relationship if it goes pear shaped? YES!

So why 3 Stars when this is the kind of book that would normally tick all my boxes? 
Unfortunately, this book was too perfect, too unrealistic. It’s a case of it’s not you, it’s me. 
I have read many great books of late, so the multiple orgasms, the perfect partner and a threesome with no consequence no longer cuts it for me.
BUT, in all fairness this book was well written, easy to read and hot as FCUK. Don’t let me dissuade you from reading it…