The Baller: A Down and Dirty Football Novel by Vi Keeland

The Baller by Vi Keeland

Also by this author: Rebel Heart (Rush Series Duet, #2), Rebel Heir (Rush Series Duet, #1), Sex, Not Love, Dirty Letters, Inappropriate

5 Surprising Stars ★

I’m kinda blown away. I really wasn’t expecting any of this. To be honest, i wasn’t expecting to loving it so much.

Meet Delilah (yeah, i know, i sang the song for like 20 times today) and Brody. She’s the new World Media Broadcasting’s staff sportscaster and he is the quarterback for NY Steel.

“Brody Easton. Everywhere the man went the media followed, mostly because he was an arrogant showman who gave them something to report. It didn’t hurt that the camera loved his handsome face and body, as did the women who frequently surrounded him in photos.”

Obviously, he wants her badly from the second he lays eyes on her, she is mocking him and thinks there’s no way she’ll accept any of his dirty proposals.

Why i loved this book so much:

– because of their delicious, funny, perverted, sexy banter.

“So, congrats on another big win this week, And on your rushing touchdown.”
“Thank you.” I held his eyes for a few seconds, then deliberately dropped my gaze – right to his manhood.
“It was a short run. What, about four inches?”
“Oh, no. It was definitely more than four inches. I’d say at least twelve inches”.
“I believe the official stat is four inches. Men and their fishing stories”, I chided.

– because of what he did for Marlene and how he was with Grouper

– because it made me laugh

“i swear i smelled the pheromone soup wafting through the air”.

– because of Indie (it reminds me of my best friend.)

– because she dressed like a sixty-year-old grandmother about to go to church for their first date. She actually spent 20$ at Goodwill for this occasion. GENIUS!

– because at some point i “had a feeling of teetering on top of a roller coaster, about to go down a steep hill”

– because he said what i’ve been always saying:

“What asswipe sends a woman like you ordinary roses? The guy who sent them had his secretary send that crap and didn’t give it any thought. Probably has an account at the florist and a standard order. Guy’s a dick”.

– because he sent her a box with long sticks, tree branches, because she told him a funny story about camping and s’mores.. Now that’s thoughtful. And nice. And romantic. 🙂

– because of the big surprise in the middle. Willow. I didn’t see this one coming.

– because of the epilogue. Warm & fuzzy.

In the end, this books makes you laugh, roll your eyes, giggle, turns you on and it might make you cry. All ingredients necessary for a 5★ book, worthy of my pink fairytales. 🙂