Sweeter by Eve Dangerfield

by Eve Dangerfield
Sweeter on September 30, 2019
Pages: 113

What’s better than romance? How about cold hard cash…Marley Ellis doesn’t have time for love, she’s got an artistic empire to build and a sugar daddy to charm. At least she did, until a late night catfishing introduces her to insanely hot and very bored tech bro, Will.Will’s been treading water, searching for something to believe in. He’s sure Marley’s the answer, but convincing her that he’s1) not a douche2) a daddy she can believe in is going to be a challenge. Luckily, he’s bringing his A-game because the good life is sweet, but love is sweeter.

4 Panty-Destroyer Stars ⭐️

I have a daddy thing. It’s, like, twenty percent of why I wanted to be a sugar baby.

Marley Ellis is a struggling artist who thought that trying her hand at being a sugar baby was a good idea until she got catfished. When William Faulkner had the uncomfortable job of disclosing this information, they didn’t anticipate the chemistry between them. Neither imagined that a free spirited artist and a tech bro could have so much in common or would burn up the sheets as they did… 

Unless William Faulkner is the worst lay of all time, I’m going to fall for him. I will pin-drop into the bright, lovely thing between us.

‘Sweeter’ was a witty romance of two people that clicked immediately and shined in each other’s presence. While Marley was proud and independent, even she couldn’t deny that William offered her the strength and support she craved in and out of the bedroom. I loved that we essentially got an epilogue with ‘Sweetest’ that was included in this novella. 

That money is a gift from someone who admires your work and wants to support you…and also maybe have you suck his dick, which you’re into. So what’s wrong exactly?”