Sustained (The Legal Briefs #2) by Emma Chase

Sustained by Emma Chase
Series: The Legal Briefs #2


I’m over the moon. I didn’t sleep at all last nigh because i couldn’t put it down. Again, i went to sleep at 8am this morning. OMG!

Ladies, meet Jake. Jake is a player. Jake is a bad-boy. Jake doesn’t do relationships. Jake like one night stands. Jake has tattoos under his tailored suits. Jake has been called a coldhearted bastard. Jake is now controlled, powerful, top of game. Jake is awesome. Be like Jake.

And then, poof! Like magic, everything changes with his wallet being stollen by a 9 year old named Rory. Rory has lost both his parents a few months back in a car accident. He has other 5 brothers & sisters and their 26 year old aunt, Chelsea, is the only one left to raise them.
Jake takes his home and that’s how we gets to meet everyone. Of course the air rushes out of his lungs when Chelsea opens the door.

Now, you know i don’t like to tell you the whole story and give you too many details, but i’ll say this. This is a lovely story about a player, whose heart gets melted little by little, whose life is unknowingly altered by 6 kids and their aunt and who becomes an awesome man, without him even noticing it. He gets the be a Knight in shinny armor for everyone else and he still doesn’t get it.

I love those kids. As he would say, they’re awful and perfect.
I love him for stepping out and Chelsea for being strong.