Surprise Delivery by R.R. Banks

Surprise Delivery by R.R. Banks
on February 18, 2019

One night was all we had. He’s a gorgeous doctor on a mission to save the world. I’m a secretary that’s just trying to make ends meet…
Dressed in a ball gown at the masked ball. I felt like Cinderella that night. And for the first time I felt beautiful, even graceful. UNTIL… I spilled my drink down the stranger’s suit. Turns out he’s Duncan Clyburne. A surgeon from one of the wealthiest families in NYC.
Yeah, we come from completely different worlds. Yet, we shared one unforgettable passionate night together.
Now he’s in a war-torn country saving lives. At least that’s what I thought. Till he walked back into my life. And walked into the secret in an unimaginable way.
With him delivering our baby!

Do you think now is a good time to tell him?

I had trouble deciding if i should put it on “contemporary romance” shelve or erotica.
The main characters have sex within minutes of meeting each other and the rest of sex scenes are pretty intense and full of details, so… Erotica? 
But then, there’s a lot more to this book than sex. It has a plot and twists and turns. It might sound strange, but even if i didn’t like so many things about it, i couldn’t put it down. That’s a first for me. If i don’t like what i’m reading and especially if it’s a long book like this one (average reading time is about 6 hours), i usually just drop it.

I believed that insta-love-chemistry they had going, but i didn’t like how things progressed. I didn’t enjoy the smut part of the book. Don’t know why, but it was like a bad porn.

I was actually tempted to give it 3⭐️, but since i rolled my eyes way too many time while reading it…