Stanton Series Box Set: Stanton Series (Stanton #1-3) by T.L. Swan

Stanton Series Box Set: Stanton Series (Box Set) by T.L. Swan
Pages: 1373
Series: Stanton Series

The complete Stanton series, Book1 Stanton Adore, Book 2 Stanton Unconditional and Book 3 Stanton Completely
She’s kryptonite. Sensual, sweet, and as annoyingly perfect as she was when I left 7 years ago. My body remembers the way she felt underneath me, and wants her again. My heart remembers the way she crushed it and wants as far away as possible. But she’s everywhere, haunting me, torturing me, driving me past all logical reason. I need to forget her, move on and get her out of my system, but to do that, I need to have her one. Last. Time.
It started as a kiss. We never meant to fall in love. But I was 17 and carefree, And he was 19, beautiful and forbidden. Our families never would have accepted it… And I broke his heart to save his future. Now the boy I loved 7 years ago is the man I can’t have. He’s grown into everything my body craves, my heart demands… and my sense of decency rejects.

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Holy mother of God!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, first things first: accidentally, I read Dr. Stanton before, so I already knew how it ends between Joshua and Nathalia. So, I can’t explain how did this amazing author manage to hook me for the entire weekend with her book, how she made me hyperventilate, how i slept only 5 hours in 2 days and why i couldn’t put it down. 

Dear Mr. Christian Grey, after 4 years and almost 500 books, you have finally been replaced as my all time favorite male character! That’s something, right? 
Meet Joshua Stanton, my new love. insert hearts and rainbows
He’s the whole package: uber total alpha, stinky rich, funny, dirty talker making your ovaries explode with each and every sex scene and on top of that, he loves his precious girl like i never seen before.

If you want to know how true love really feels like, read this book. Don’t judge it ’till the end! and expect to be blown away. It has action, tons of drama, love, beautiful amazing characters (family and close friends) and a plot with many turns and surprises that will make you stew, pace, cry, laugh, combust and turn you inside out. 

I wish i had more words in my vocabulary to express how truly awesome is this story. How I wish I could write the mother of all reviews for it…