So Steady (Silver Daughters Ink) by Eve Dangerfield

So Steady by Eve Dangerfield
Series: Silver Daughters Ink #2
on August 14, 2019

Nicole DaSilva keeps her mind on the future. That’s where her perfect life is. At least it will be if she can sort out her broken engagement, get her tattoo removed, control her wayward sisters and catch the person stealing from their business…but that’s easier said than done. Especially when there’s a huge, strangely attractive tattooist in her way...
Noah Newcomb keeps his mind on the past. It’s where the demons come loose. He trusts no one and his only plans are for a vasectomy. He and Nicole make as much sense together as, well, an ex-con and a former school captain, but he's never been one to turn down a rebound thing. Especially not with a girl as Type A hot as her.
It's your standard ‘say anything to my sisters and I'll call the Australian Tax Office and tell them there's $500,000 in cash under your bed' affair, but as Nicole and Noah hook up it's clear they’re falling for each other. Can they meet in the present? Do they have a shot at something steady?

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5 Rose Gold Stars ⭐️

So Steady is the perfect example of how an opposites attract romance story should be written. A tale of two people with so much baggage that the concept of being happy has become foreign. But sometimes what you think you want isn’t what you need….

Nicole DaSilva is the ‘vanilla sheep’ of the family in comparison to her outgoing inked siblings. Back home to sort out the finances for the family business Silver Daughters, her life is quickly unravelling. From the outside she’s perceived as accomplished and put together but those that love her know the truth. Her self imposed perfection is suffocating and jeopardising any chance of happiness. But keeping her shit together ended from the very first meeting with their resident tattooist Noah.

“Oh gosh, she thought. No. No. No. But it was too late, excitement burst inside her like an atom bomb, making her skin prickle and her heart pound. He was so big, so beautifully scary and new.”

Noah Newcomb, big & rough, keeper of secrets, isn’t looking for any distractions. He’s satisfied with his uncomplicated life of tattooing, one night stands and minimum drama he’s carved out for himself; until her.

“The minute he saw her he’d known he was fucked, not because she was taken or miles out of his league, but because she was rose gold.
She glowed from the inside.”

Believing they have nothing in common, it’s the attraction that drives them. Noah unlocks and fulfils a need that Nicole has denied for so long. Unconventional Desires that not only bring them closer together but validate how perfectly suited they actually are.

“Jesus fucking Christ, that sex.
He’d never fucked like that before. As though the world would end if he didn’t blow her mind. He’d been so blindsided, so horny, he’d barely known what to do with himself or her. They needed more time, all the time.”

With her distinctive voice, edgy writing, snort worthy humour and pushing the boundaries kink, Eve Dangerfield nailed this.
Can I pretty please have the next book?