Sink or Swim (Beach Kingdom #3) by Tessa Bailey

by Tessa Bailey
Sink or Swim on August 20, 2019

Andrew Prince wakes up before everyone else. He schedules the bar shifts, demands perfection from Long Beach’s lifeguards—most of all himself—and makes sure the family debts are paid. His unfaltering work ethic might leave him exhausted, but it comes with one advantage. It distracts him from the love he’s been harboring since childhood for the girl next door—who he cannot have.
Jiya Dalal has dreams. To fly a plane, see the world below…and prove irresistible to her best friend, Andrew. But she needs to be a good daughter first, which is becoming an increasingly difficult task, since her parents expect a good marriage and the man she loves with all her heart refuses to pursue the blistering connection between them. Just when she’s beginning to believe Andrew truly doesn’t want her, a moonlight tryst on the beach exposes his true feelings. But an echo from the past kept them apart before…and it’s only growing louder with every stolen kiss…
SINK OR SWIM is the third and final book of the Beach Kingdom series, but can be read as a standalone. Book one, MOUTH TO MOUTH, can be found here: Book two, HEAT STROKE, can be found here:

3 Selflessness Stars ⭐️ 

Andrew Prince and Jiya Dalal have been friends since forever. These two share a kinship that’s been formed from childhood; friendship, love and now attraction. From the very beginning it is evident that their love for each other is mutual. But for unknown reasons, it has remained unrequited and hidden. Jiya is feeling that time is ticking on and that surely her time for happiness is now…

“Reality meant a potential future with someone besides Andrew. She might never feel about someone else the way she felt about her best friend, but she’d have this heartache either way, wouldn’t she? At least if she let her Andrew fantasies go, she could build a life. Build a family. The hurt might remain, but she’d have something to show for it.”

Andrew Prince, lifeguard by day, bartender by night lives for his siblings and the girl next door who stole his heart years ago. But all it took was one night from his past to destroy any chance for future happiness. But oh, how he ached and yearned to be her everything.

“And with one hard decision, he’d lost his chance of maybe, just maybe, calling her his own someday. Don’t look back. Head down, move on. What happened can’t be undone.”

Sink or Swim was truly sweet with both characters being so deserving of love. Even though Andrew spent most of his time pushing Jiya away, she was smart and visionary enough to realise that there had to be a good reason for this. Their chemistry was off the radar and their love all withstanding. 

“She jabbed the air between them with a finger. “You love me.”

“Yes. God yes,” he growled, his heartbeat whipping into a frenzy. “I love you more than life. I don’t remember a second that wasn’t filled with love and more love and need for you.”

Unfortunately, this book felt a little incomplete. Where I loved the first half of the story with it’s slow burn and underlying sexual tension, the second half fizzled. Andrew’s reasons for keeping his distance were solid, but the way it was dealt with and his ‘particular’ kink were glossed over. I found myself skimming just to get to the good parts.