Sin For You (Rocktown Ink #2) by Sherilee Gray

Sin For You by Sherilee Gray
Series: Rocktown Ink #2
on September 5, 2019

My best friend's sister is back in town, and while she’s here, she's under my protection. Quinn Parker had her heart broken, and I'll make sure no one hurts her again.
But when she starts looking around for a hot, no-strings distraction, I can’t stand back and do nothing. No one is touching this vibrant beauty...but me.
She’s the woman of my dreams, but Quinn wants a good time, not a long time. We play by her rules: no one finds out, no one gets hurt.
I have to keep it casual because an ex-con like me can't offer her forever…even if I want so much more.

4 Sweets Stars ⭐️

Oh how I love a grunting caveman that’s big, badass, bearded and utterly loyal. I’m a sucker for this kind of hero and sometimes you need a little mainstream in your life, and this author certainly delivers.

Bull and Quinn a friends from far back. As the sister of his best friend he feels a sense a loyalty to protect her especially after a recent breakup that’s left her particularly vulnerable.

Quinn has returned to Rocktown. After being cheated on she needs some familiarity to regain some perspective. She may not be interested in another relationship but she’s not ruling out intimacy that she sorely misses.

“So yeah, the universe could stop throwing assholes at me now, thanks. I’d gotten the message loud and clear. Love wasn’t in the cards for me.”

Bull is a gentle giant who has everyone’s best interests at heart. Although loved by many he believes himself unworthy. He throws himself into his work, running the bar he owns and tattooing. He’d rather not acknowledge that his friendship with Quinn feels like more, that is until she forces his hand.

“If Quinn wanted someone to get her off on the regular, it was going to be me. It had to be me. The thought of anyone else touching her, of not looking after her like she deserved—worse, hurting her—wasn’t something I could bear to think about.”

Sin for You is the second book in the Rocktown Ink series but can be read as a standalone. This story is essentially a friends with benefits arrangement with the potential to be so much more once both Bull and Quinn take a leap of faith. With all Sherilee Gray books you can expect effortless writing, heaps of romance and panty melting sex scenes! This was no exception 💜