Shimmy Bang Sparkle by Nicola Rendell

Shimmy Bang Sparkle by Nicola Rendell
Pages: 320
on August 21, 2018

All Nick Norton wants is to stay on the straight and narrow…and never get caught stealing again. Then he lays eyes on her: Stella Peretti—100 percent sexy and absolutely irresistible. Especially when he sees her smooth moves lifting a two-karat diamond. Nick realizes he’s found the sparkling woman of his dreams—one so perfect for him it’s almost criminal.
The Shimmy Shimmy Bangs are master jewel thieves who are planning the heist of the century. And Shimmy leader, Stella, isn’t about to let anyone—even if he is a hunky, tatted-up studmuffin—get in her way. But when two of her girls are put out of commission, Stella realizes that Nick isn’t just a red-hot distraction. He might be the answer to her pilfering prayers.
Now, Nick and Stella are putting everything on the line for one last job. But when two thieves have this much chemistry, it’s only a matter of time before somebody’s heart gets stolen.

Funfuckingtastic ⭐️

Wow! First of all, I’m sorry it took me almost a week to read this amazing story. I was busy trying to upload the reviews I’ve written on GR to my blog.
Anyways, let me tell you about Shimmy Bang Sparkle. Here’s what you need to know:
Hero: ex-jewel thief, just out of prison, set to live a normal, easy life, until she spots Her

Christ, I was forty years old, I was covered in tattoos, and I drove a goddamned Ducati. I wasn’t gonna let some woman’s wink flatten me down like a cannonball. Not even hers. Not yet.

What was she doing? Oh, nothing much, just stealing a diamond from a jewelry store. So, you see, maybe he did want to be a model citizen, but the attraction to Stella was way bigger than anything else. Yes, i’m talking about soulmates, meeting exactly when they’re supposed to.

Stella was the leader of a notorious thieves’ gang. Along with her two best friends, they were planning the heist of the century, but when the other girls are involved in a car accident, Stella asks Nick for help.

Now, you really, really, really have to read this book, because:

  • it full of suspense
  • there’s a healthy dose of romance and sexiness to it

“This is how it’s gonna be,” he said, zipping up his too-big motorcycle jacket on me and sliding his hands into my back pockets to pull my hips into his body. “I’m gonna drive you back to my place. I’m gonna take you like you deserve to be taken. Every second from now until you fall asleep in my arms is going to be me, doing my thing to you, and making your eyes roll back in your head again and again.”

  • you won’t be able to put it down, because there’s always something happening.
  • you’ll want to see how they plan on stealing that diamond and what happens after
  • there’s also a super cute dog (or actually two), that will make you smile big.

That being said, I need to thank my friend Melanie A. for reading and reviewing this book before me and so it got on my radar too. I was sure I was going to love it. I mean, how could anyone hate it? ☺️