Savages by Loki Renard

Savages by Loki Renard

A Reverse Harem Romance
When nineteen-year-old Riley Jones ventures outside the city, she quickly discovers that the world beyond the walls is a rugged, dangerous place. Though she is soon taken in by what she considers to be a primitive tribe, she is uncertain whether these men can be trusted to protect her.
She cannot help being drawn to the brutishly handsome warriors, however, and she soon finds herself wondering what it would be like to be theirs. But can they keep her safe in their world?

3 Imprisoned Stars ⭐️ 

Savages: A Reverse Harem Romance is set in a post apocalyptic world. Riley is a young innocent girl living within the city walls. Set in an isolated world where nobody leaves because nobody ever returns.
Living with her mother, Riley can no longer deny her urge to leave and experience what is beyond the walls after being stifled all her life.

Only expecting to venture out for the day, Riley loses all sense of time until she encounters a bear. With her imminent death upon her she is rescued by four savages, Maverick, Hans, Ice and Stryker.
What she soon realises is that she is theirs now. ‘We bled for you, we defended your life, sacrificed flesh and soul for you. You are ours.’

There is no returning to city as her life is now with her primitive savages and these boys need servicing…
How does Riley deal with a few spankings and group sex? Well she manages just fine, that filthy minx!