Saltwater Kisses (The Kisses #1) by Krista Lakes

Saltwater Kisses by Krista Lakes
Series: The Kisses #1

“Our eyes connected, and i was Cinderella meeting my Prince.”

It’s worth 2 stars, in my opinion, because of all the cliches and the things that seemed from la-la land, like he was too busy at the office for days in a row to see his wife – whom he married as a joke? after 2 days since meeting her or the fact that media was so fascinated with her and stalked her and she had to stay in a motel in her hometown. Jesus!

The famous billionaire meets the nobody girl from Iowa, they fall instantly in love and they get married after 2-3 days, his family tries to bribe her off, they have a fight, she goes come, he comes after her and that’s it. They live happily ever after.  

I rolled my eyes many times at things like:
“those thoughts faded to nothingness as his tongue went to flower, tasting me gingerly”
“i squeezed my eyes shut as the tidal wave crashed onto my shores, sweeping all my cares and worries away”
I know some orgasms can be poetic, but come on! 😂