Rough Sketch (Talbott’s Cove #4) by Kate Canterbary

Rough Sketch by Kate Canterbary
Series: Talbott’s Cove #4
on October 29, 2019

Smart, successful, and sitting pretty at the top of her game, Neera Malik has it all figured out. Save for the small issue of Gustavo Guillmand.
The artist with a cult—and Instagram—following has a problem and it's not his preference for shirtless selfies. No, he has an attitude problem, a minding his own business problem, an infuriatingly sexy problem.
They can't stand each other and they can't stay away from each other.
This steamy enemies-to-lovers office romance originally appeared on the Read Me Romance podcast. This edition includes a seriously extended epilogue beyond the podcast content.

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5 Antithesis Stars ⭐

In Rough Sketch, we are introduced to a free-spirited artist and an uptight corporate who loathe each other on sight.

When renowned artist Gus Guillmand accepts a placement at an elite internet firm, he never expected to feel as if he would be ‘creating art in captivity’. Apart from the frustration he is experiencing he is surprised to find a ‘muse’ in the prim and proper Neera Mallik is all her lush gorgeousness.

“Somehow, in the convoluted maze of human consciousness, I was able to find her desirable and aggravating all at once. I wanted to fuck her and then I wanted to tell her to fuck off.”

Neera is unprepared for this pesky artist that seems to have rudely placed himself in her orbit. Unsure of the actual whys, she can’t help being drawn to him and allowing him to get under her skin. She is taken aback with Gus in all his boldness and how much she desires it.

“It was anger and exasperation, and an unwelcome jolt of attraction. That wouldn’t do. I would not. I couldn’t lust after someone insufferable and argumentative and—and distressingly sexy.”

However, in a moment of weakness Neera lowers her guard, and neither are prepared for the fireworks and passion that is unleashed. And holy smokes did this author unveil the big guns. Gus and Neera took their desires to a whole new level.

“All I knew was the aching desire to be filled by him…and to be seen. I didn’t want to examine that urge closely, didn’t want to uncover its true meaning. But I wanted to feel filthy and depraved and—and gorgeously used.”

Kate Canterbary is truly talented. She always delivers well written stories with phenomenal characters who are multi-dimensional, intelligent, strong willed, funny and so damn sexy…. There is no book of hers I wouldn’t try.