Rock Chick Redemption (Rock Chick #3) by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick Redemption (Rock Chick #3) by Kristen AshleyRock Chick Redemption by Kristen Ashley
Series: Rock Chick #3

Also in this series: Rock Chick, Rock Chick Rescue, Rock Chick Renegade, Rock Chick Revenge, Rock Chick Reckoning, Rock Chick Regret, Rock Chick Revolution
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Ha! That’s what I’m talking about! That’s my Rock Chick! Yeees!

Sorry, I’m a little too excited because I seriously loved this one, and after 3 ★ Rock Chick Rescue, I was hoping for a 5 ★ and for a really amazing, true Rock Chick for My Hank ♥︎♥︎♥︎. And because my wish came true, i have to do a little happy dance to calm down and then I’ll tell you all about it.

Ok, so here it goes. MY Hank Nightingale & Roxie Logan. If you read the first two books in the series, you already know (and love) Hank. If not, he’s Lee’s brother. He’s a cop and your perfect dream man. Totally swoon worthy.
Roxie is Tex’s niece. Again, if you’re new to this, Tex is a crazy mountain man, ex vet, ex con who makes killer coffees at Fortnum.

She comes to Denver trying to escape and also breaking up with her sonofabitch boyfriend. They’ve been together for 7 years, moving all across America (due to his shady and criminal activities) and for the last three year she’s been trying to get rid of him. Young, stupid, in love… it was time to fix all that. So she comes to see her Uncle Tex, but when she steps inside Fortnum:

It looked like GQ was having a convention and all the best looking guys had decided to have a coffee at Fortnum’s before going to seminars on how to cope with being really, unbelievably, fucking gorgeous”

One of those GQ guys was Hank. My Hank. ♥︎

Sweetheart”, he said in a low voice. “You were here to see your uncle until you stepped into Fortnum’s and saw me and I saw you. You know it and I know it. You want me to convince you, I’m prepared to do that.”

Hank’s convincing means hot sex, makes-you-dizzy kisses, doesn’t take no for an answer, knows when you’re full of shit and calls you on it, protects you, loves you, worships you and treats you like you’re his world.

Now, Roxie is 100% badass Rock Chick, exactly like Indy & Ally. She’s a little scared, but totally understandable after spending 7 years with that asshole Billy. She wants to protect herself from a heartbreak and the ones around her from trouble. So I agreed with everything she did and said.
If this is not your first KA book, then you already know that almost all of KA’s heroines have a quirk – overuse a particular idiom. Roxie’s is “Holy cow”. Again, something I would say too, if a man like Hank was sweeping me off my feet. And it’s not as annoying as Jet’s “eek”.
She’s also super funny, glamorous and has a strong personality. I admire her a lot. Her trouble catches up with her, but she was an army of badass men behind her, so in the end, everything’s good.

Kidnappings, almost rape, bruises, gunshots, parties, good people, bad people, caring people, crazy fun family, friends, all supportive, all there for each other, mix them all together and you’ll have a yourself a 5 ★ book to enjoy anytime you feel a need for adrenaline and dream men to fall in love with.

Oh, and besides Hank, we also meet Luke (he’s working with Lee). OMG! LUKE! Can’t wait to get to read his story too. I really hope he’ll have an awesome woman to fall in love with.

So, it’s so obvious YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK! No question about it, go on AMAZON and buy it now!

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