Resist (Wicked Ways #1) by K. Bromberg

Resist by K. Bromberg
Pages: 348
Series: Wicked Ways #1
on July 30, 2019

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Driven series comes a powerful romance about reaching great heights through low depths.
Who says you have to play by the rules to get what you want?
Agreeing to meet Ryker Lockhart is my first mistake. Rich, handsome, and more than intriguing, he thinks blackmail will bend me to his will.
But he’s wrong.
I may have done a few things that weren’t exactly legal, but I have my own reasons for that. The last thing I’m going to do is let some high-powered divorce attorney come into my life, have my body, and rule my heart. Not to mention ruin everything that I have carefully built in just a short amount of time.
But as much as I try to resist him, and against my better judgment, there is something about him that has me agreeing to his proposal.
I’m putting everything on the line for him. I just hope I won’t lose everything when this is all over.

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Powerplay ⭐️

I really need to pay closer attention to the arcs I’m requesting. Sometimes I see a great author and ask for the book by default. In this case, I’m a bit sorry I did it, just because the story isn’t that appealing to me.

The heroine is this Madam, owner of an escort service company by day, waitress by night and also fighting for her niece’s custody.
The hero is a ruthless divorce attorney by day and client of Wicked Waysthe escort company by night.

Due to an unfortunate event between one of the working girls and a Senator, the Madam is forced by a contract to “entertain” our hero. That’s how it all starts.

Now here’s the thing. The relationship between them is one big power powerplay. They’re blackmailing each other, keep things from each other, he pays for her company and so on. I didn’t find one thing to like about all this. None. I didn’t totally dislike the characters, but the story itself left me with a meh feeling. And the cherry on top:

I’m not even a little bit curious about what’s next. 😔

”ARC provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.”