Priceless by Miranda Silver

by Miranda Silver
Priceless on January 9, 2020

Are you afraid of the dark, Christina? I don't need the lights on to read you like a book.
The first time I meet the wolf’s cold eyes, we’re at a college party.
Maybe you like the dark more than you think.
I just quit the cheer squad. I’m about to dump my musician boyfriend. I’m partying harder than ever. I let money run through my fingers because I’m done reaching for standards I’ll never meet.
Soon, I’m broke. And I don’t want anyone to know.
The more you hide your true self, the more you’re going to let it out with me.
I'm bubbly and outgoing. He's icy and alone. I stay away. I touch myself, thinking of him.
When I finally seek out Patrick Caruthers, he has a proposition.
Mind games. Humiliation. Control. Schedules. Him. Me.
I think you’re going to be the perfect playmate.
I'm not perfect. I'm not stunning or noble. I’m not a heroine.
You’re priceless.
I'm just a girl . . .
You were made for me.
And he’s a cold bastard
Who is paying me for sex.

5 Little Lies Stars ⭐

Priceless was hands down exceptional. This book was raw, heart wrenching and so hot, you will be panting in need of relief. Judge me all you want, but the questionable morality in this book made me absolutely giddy…

Christina is a college student on a downhill spiral of self-destruction. Not that her little social circle would notice or care. Tired of trying to obtain perfection, her life is in shambles between declining grades, drug debts and no savings. So why is it in the moment of crisis a boy she’s only met once is offering a solution, too illicit to speak out loud?

I could deal with my problems. I wouldn’t beg for favors. If I was a failure, a fuckup, and a fraud, it was my own fault, and if I fussed with my appearance enough, maybe something good would happen.

Patrick Caruthers is an enigma. Apart from one meeting with Christina, he’s the only one offering any form of help. He’s no hero, he has particular tastes and is providing a fix to her problems that not even she wants to acknowledge.

“There are certain things I’m looking for, and certain things I’m not.” His voice was matter-of-fact. “I don’t want a girlfriend. I don’t want one-night stands. I want sex on a regular basis, with one woman, the way I like it.”

Christina should despise Patrick, she should say no. BUT even fear isn’t enough to resist what he’s offering. She never imagined that his humiliating antics would leave her totally exposed, yet completely satisfied and safe…

“This is what it feels like to be my little slut.”

“Who do you think you are?” I gasped.

“I’m everything you’re afraid to want,” he whispered, “and everything you need.”

Fortunately, I buddy read this with benevolent bastard because I needed the moral support. Between our gushing thoughts, the one message we received loud and clear was that Patrick was the good guy. And whether this boy had unusual kinks, he always managed to have Christina’s best interests at heart. I cannot wait to try Miranda Silver’s other books, it’s a no brainer!

“I’m going to take you in every way possible. Give it up to me. You’re mine.”