Plan Bea by Hilary Grossman

Plan Bea by Hilary Grossman

3.5 ★ “WE LIVE OUR ENTIRE LIVES thinking we know those closest to us. But do we ever really?”

I have to confess a few things, first.
One: I love Hilary Grossman. She’s super nice and her first book – Dangled Carat was amazing and one of my all time favorites.
Two: She didn’t ask me to read Plan Bea or to review it. I did that because of what i mentioned above.

That being said you’ll see my problem next. I was conflicted for about 60% of the book, because i didn’t like it that much and i kept thinking that i can’t write a negative review and what should i do.
But then everything made sense.

So, this is the story of a family. We have Anna, who’s married to Cole and they have 2 kids (Violet – who is super funny and smart and Harley, equally adorable). And there’s the Bea. Beatrice is Anna’s mother, but just on paper. She’s a royal class bitch, made of ice and venom.
As i said, i took me 60% of the book to understand why are things the way they are and where’s Hilary going with all this.

I’m glad i stick to it and i trusted my instinct, because once you find out Bea’s reasons, you get it. You start to feel some compassion and you can also be curious about what’s happening next.
I gave it just 3.5 ★ because i feel we should have known sooner what’s happening. Also, i love the ending sooooo much. It was simply beautiful.

If you’re a fan of chick-lit or contemporary romance novels, don’t hesitate to read this one. Just be a little patient and trust me, the ending will be worth it.