Plan B (Best Laid Plans #2) by Jana Aston

Plan B by Jana Aston
Series: Best Laid Plans #2
on June 25, 2019

Mistakes were made, okay?
The moment I laid eyes on Kyle Kingston I knew he was a mistake. A satisfying, toe curling, hair pulling, best night of my life mistake, but a mistake all the same. I didn’t yet know his name, or who he was, but I knew he was a bad idea.
I take comfort in that, because it means my instincts are still good. Too late, but it’s something.

Because, FYI, I’m pregnant
… and did I mention my baby daddy is both heir to a retail empire and impossible to get ahold of?
I do what any girl would. I break into his Grandfather’s retirement gala by telling the prissy gatekeeper Kyle’s my fiancé. It was a halfway decent plan at the time, trust me.
But it blows up in my face, disastrously so. You see, Kyle Kingston is all about representing the family values his family’s retail empire was founded on. At least in public. In private- well I’ll tell you about that later.
He proposes – a marriage of convenience.
Convenient for everyone but me, because while I’m falling in love with my convenient husband, he’s keeping a billion-dollar secret. From me.

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4 Knocked Up Stars ⭐️ 

During an abstinence from men and sex, Daisy never expected to find herself pregnant after a one night stand. The plan is to find and inform her baby daddy and then get on with her life because evidently she has this sorted….
What she hadn’t anticipated was how difficult Kyle Kingston would be to locate. 

”Even if it’s totally unfair that he knocked me up. I take responsibility for breaking my dick diet, but the condom malfunction is on him.”

From internet stalking, crashing a retirement party and crazy pregnancy hormones, Daisy finds herself with a fiancé she hadn’t planned on.

”Let’s get married.” “Oh, no. No, no, no.” I’m shaking my head as I speak. “Nope. Not happening.” “Do you have a better plan?” “A better plan than pretending to be your wife? Are you insane? As in, legally mentally deranged?”

Before she knows it, Daisy has moved in with Kyle, wearing a diamond ring bigger then her head, and being added to his Netflix account. Sometimes unexpected plans are exactly what you need.

Plan B was a great read with sweet & funny moments as well as hot scenes which are of no surprise since it was written by Jana Aston. 
This author has the knack for writing hysterical characters and clever dialogue that makes you wonder if she’s smoking a joint during the writing process. She’s just genuinely witty and I always look forward to her books.
Where Daisy was kooky, slightly neurotic, Kyle was the perfect counterpart to this relationship!

”But I’m close to release and I need her there with me because contrary to what she thinks, I have manners. Also, I think she’s liable to turn my toothbrush into a shank to murder me with if I don’t get her off.”