Nuts (Hudson Valley #1) by Alice Clayton

Nuts (Hudson Valley, #1) by Alice Clayton
Series: Hudson Valley #1
on October 20, 2015
Pages: 308

Roxie Callahan is a private chef to some of Hollywood’s wealthiest, and nastiest, calorie-counting wives. After a dairy disaster implodes her carefully crafted career in one fell ploop, she finds herself back home in upstate New York, bailing out her hippie mother and running the family diner.
When gorgeous local farmer Leo Maxwell delivers her a lovely bunch of organic walnuts, Roxie wonders if a summer back home isn’t such a bad idea after all. Leo is heavily involved in the sustainable slow food movement, and he likes to take his time. In all things. Roxie is determined to head back to the west coast as soon as summer ends, but will the pull of lazy fireflies and her very own Almanzo Wilder be enough to keep her home for good?
Salty. Spicy. Sweet. Nuts. Go on, grab a handful.

Summer lovin’, happened so fast….

If this is not your first Alice Clayton masterpiece, than you already know she’s one of a kind. Her sense of humor is like a trademark. Her stories are not about how interesting the plot is or how developed its characters are, but rather how hard can you laugh. How loud can you do it. Does your face hurt in the end from all the grinning?

If you read the blurb than you already know this book is about an LA private chef Roxie, who suddenly looses all her fancy clients. Her hippie mother, who owns a family diner in a small town in NY, joins The Amazing Race, so she asks her daughter to come home and run the diner for her while she’s away. Reluctant and not happy about it at all, Roxie comes home. At home there’s also a very very handsome farmer (also stinky rich – old family money), Leo Maxwell.

“Food. Orgasms. Food. Sweet. Food. Strong. Orgasms. Oh boy. And funny. Caring. Kind. Not afraid to get his hands dirty. Not afraid to dirty talk.”

He shook his head. “You’re a bit of a train wreck, aren’t you?” I puffed a bit of hair away from my face. “Choo Choo?”

This is a small glimpse of the Alice Clayton hilarious characters dialog trademark. I loved this book because of that, plus there was a lot of food (especially big zucchinis and nuts), witty banter, smartass comments, refreshing honest to God flirting (reading too many stories lately with arrogant caveman alphas, I came to appreciate a woman not afraid to make a move on a guy she likes).

Do you have any dill weed?” I asked by way of a greeting. “If I had a nickel…..” Leo’s deep voice trailed off. Cue shiver. “I’ll give you a nickel, I’m making pickles. I require dill weed.” “Pickles, huh? So would it interest you to know the first baby cucumbers are just about ready to pick?” “Nothing would interest me more than your cucumber.” “I’m so glad we’ve moved on to my cucumber, instead of talking about my nuts all the time.”

Mrs. Clayton knows how to write a super sexy book, without being too obvious about it. I’m not sure you get what I’m saying, but I feel like her stories are usually full of sexual tension and innuendoes, just as steamy as any erotica novel, but without the dirties of words, more like living things to your imagination kinda way, which is pretty awesome.

In the end, you must read this book! There’s no other way to say it. It’s funny, quirky and puts you in the best of mood. Move it up on your TBR and let me know if I was right or not. 🙂