Notch on His Bedpost by Brill Harper

Notch on His Bedpost by Brill Harper
on April 15, 2018

He said/she said in the age of the internet…

My job as a dating guru for men has earned me the nickname of Mr. Virile and I have no plans on giving up my reign as bachelor. I have a reputation to uphold, especially with the release of my book coming up. Men count on me and my YouTube channel and website to help them find the alpha male inside.

But a publicity stunt goes wrong and now I have to pretend to date, Holly, “the girl next door” blogger who hates my website and doles out the opposite advice to her many feminist subscribers. She says I’m exactly the kind of guy she cautions her readers and podcast listeners away from and she’s right.

She says I’ll never get her into my bed. I say she won’t regret it when I’m there. As long as we both remember this is all for fun, nobody will get hurt.

I don’t have a heart, so I’m in no danger of losing it to her, right?

Author confession: I wanted to put this book in the Blue Collar Bad Boy series because Dane is such a bad, bad boy. But he’s not blue collar—he likes his expensive suits and his urban reputation. Or does he? If you like opposites attract and enemies to lovers and watching the big Alpha fall head over heels in love, step on in. Oh, and there’s a big, dopey dog and lots of he said/she said. Has the girl next door tamed the most virile man alive, or is she just another notch on the bedpost?

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4 Nemesis Stars ⭐️

Notch on His Bedpost was a fantastic example of an enemies to lovers’ romance done well especially since it was only a novella.  

This is the story of two well renowned dating bloggers who offer dating advice and have two very differing opinions about what woman and men want.  When they are tricked into each other’s company, the insults and sparks will fly.

Alphaholes are my least favorite heroes, BUT Dane Martin did it for me.  He didn’t perceive himself as an arrogant manwhore, he just believed the dribble he preached.  I adored him, and he just kept me grinning.

“Mister Virile dot com”

“I provide a much-needed service to the single men in the world, which in turn benefits the single women of the world. I’m almost a humanitarian, really.”

Holly Winters is unimpressed with what Dane Martin represents.  Where her blog promotes self-love and respect, she believes that men like Dane is what the problems of dating are all about.  Yes, he may be gorgeous, but she’s got him pegged.

“Dane, your website is horrible and should be outlawed before you ruin any more single men than you already have.”

“You basically have three categories that you put us in: fuckable, unfuckable, and can’t fuck.”

When these two decide to spend a little time in each other’s company, they will be forced to broaden their mindset on dating and attraction. It was joyful seeing them both eat humble pie! This was a quick read with a great dose of heat, humour and smut…