No Ordinary Billionaire (The Sinclairs #1) by J.S. Scott

by J.S. Scott
No Ordinary Billionaire Series: The Sinclairs #1

by J.S. Scott
No Ordinary Billionaire Series: The Sinclairs #1

Oh, Lindsay, honey, thank you for recommending this book to me. ♥︎
To be honest, it kinda put me off a little in the beginning. I hated it for being written in third person POV, but very soon after that I was hooked and i stayed until 5am this morning to finish it.
I wasn’t even going to write a review for it.

Ladies, meet your No Ordinary Billionaire, Dante Sinclair. His not ordinary because he doesn’t care about his wealth. He is a homicide detective in LA. Well, he was until his partner was killed and he got hurt pretty bad. So he went home, in small town in Maine, to be close to his brothers and to recover. Enter the pretty awesome doctor Sarah.

She’s a 27-years-old sweet, innocent, naive, genius, brilliant, funny, sexy woman who doesn’t know anything about sex or sexual chemistry. Her mother was focused only on her education, so she had a long list of things she never experienced, like riding a bike or playing with dolls, having friends……

He is determined to teach her what sexual attraction is and to show her that it can be more than “people assessing the reproductive potential of prospective mates.”

So, we get to see a nerdy doctor being seduced and transformed by a dominant, possessive, alpha-male who’s mind and body is set on her. Oh, and that was so much fun to witness.
There’s also a little bit of drama, but I loved how strong she was about the whole thing. I also appreciated that for a change, they didn’t argue, break-up or something before their HEA.

I don’t remember the last time a book kept me up all night. I loved it! Can’t wait to read the stories of the other Sinclair brothers.