Motorcycle Man (Dream Man #4) by Kristen Ashley

by Kristen Ashley
Motorcycle Man Series: Dream Man #4

by Kristen Ashley
Motorcycle Man Series: Dream Man #4

To understand what i’ll be saying next, please read the first paragraph of my review on Law Man by KA.Β Go ahead, do it now.

Can I say it now? THANK GOD I JINXED IT!!!!!
I’m not in love with Tack, I don’t dream of Tack, Tyra can have him. I also broke the myth with KA having only 5β˜… books, as this one isn’t as wonderful as others. It’s great, but if you read others first, like basically any of the Dream Man series you might feel the same.

Tack & Tyra. Tack runs an MC and a garage and some auto supply stores. Tyra finds a job there as their new office manager of the garage. The problem is that she starts on a Monday, that comes after the Saturday night she had sex with Tack after meeting him at a party, after falling in love with him that night, after declaring she was the dream man she was waiting for all her life and after him throwing her out of his bed after multiple orgasms without a kiss or blinking ant remorse.
8am Monday morning she sees him coming out with a gorgeous brunette (after he spent the night with her) and also kissing her good bye. Not only that, but when he finds out Tyra will be working for him he says “I don’t work with bitches who’ve had my dick in their mouth.”

She fights for her job and he also starts to come on to her. Soon they’ll be in a strange relationship and I didn’t understand much of it. He was being an even bigger jerk and no good seemed to come out of it. But in the end, it did. πŸ™‚

It started of badly, continued strange, but it was all for the greater good. What I liked about this book:

1. I’ve only read 2 other MC’s books and they were both rated with 1 or 2β˜…, which should say something. Something like this was the best MC book I’ve read so far. Though I promised myself i won’t touch any in the future, because that’s definitely not my scene. But I liked this one enough to jump from 1-2β˜… to 4β˜….

2. Emotions. Feeling alive, like Tyra said.
Every minute I spent with him from his initial β€œHey,” to when he kissed me hard and wet and long before he left me that morning, I felt tingling. I felt excitement. I felt fear. I felt pleasure. I felt warmth. And I felt anger. I laughed. I wanted to yell so badly it made me want to explode. I wanted to cry so badly it hurt not to do it. And I’d been one hundred percent alive through all of it.”

3. Tack explained things at some point. Things that might have burst my pink fairytale bubble i sometimes live in and made me see how men actually think. I agreed with him, once he put it that way. I thank him in my mind for the hard lesson. πŸ™‚

4. Him being “sharp as a tack”, besides a jerk with a foul mouth and bad attitude. Him being sweet when he wanted, giving you a toothache sweet. Him cooking perfect dinner and breakfast for his woman and kids.

5. Having all badasses there: Hawk, Mitch, Lucas, Lee…. ♥︎ + their women.

6. Great ending. HEA ending. πŸ™‚ Tack changed, Tyra changed. All good.

The missing 5th star comes from:
1. Tack and his goatee. Oh man, I hate that with all my heart. Sorry.
2. Tack and his foul mouth. There were others with foul mouth too. I remember Tate Jackson or Ty, but in the end they made me love them. So i forgot about the shit they said.
3. Tack being a jerk and saying super hurtful things. Like heart breaking things.
4. Tack not making me fall in love with him, not even in the end. It feels like a must to love your characters, right?
5. Again with the MC world. I don’t get it. I don’t like it. I don’t understand it. But again, this is million times better that what i’ve read until now.

Bottom line, I’m not sorry I spent a day reading this book and I’m not sorry i paid money on it. It’s definitely worth it. After all, i declared March to be Kristen Ashley’s month, where I read only her books and finish the series I love, like Dream Man, Colorado Mountain and Rock Chick. So I didn’t have a choice avoiding Tack and his MC. πŸ™‚

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