Midnight Hunter by Brianna Hale

Midnight Hunter by Brianna Hale
on February 7, 2018

He’s hunting me, and there’s nowhere to run.
East Berlin, 1963. I thought I understood the consequences of trying to flee to the West. Death. Imprisonment without trial. Instead I’m being hunted by the most dangerous man in the city, secret police officer Reinhardt Volker.
Now I’m his prize, no longer a traitorous factory girl but his elegant and pampered secretary. He wants to possess me, body, soul – and heart. I’ll do anything to get away from him, but first that means getting closer.
I want to feel only hatred for my captor but beneath his uniform I discover a man with a past as scarred as Berlin’s.
And if I don’t escape him soon it will be too late.
**A full-length dark romance by Brianna Hale

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5 Liebling. Darling Stars ⭐️ 

Midnight Hunter is a historical tale of oppression, loss, hope and freedom. Set in East Berlin, Year 1963, Evony and a group of family and friends attempt to escape through the Berlin Wall into the West.

As dangerous as fleeing will be, nothing is as feared as the Midnight Hunter himself Reinhardt Volker, who is renowned for ‘smelling treason’.

A failed attempt seems Evony captured by Volker. Believing she will be incarcerated, she realises that she is destined for a much worse fate.

“Sensible choice, Fräulein. You live here, now. You do not leave this apartment unless it is with me. If you try to escape, you will be found, and you will be killed. Do you understand?”

Forced to leave her life behind Evony is unprepared for her new living arrangements, let alone her jailer who looks at her with heat in his eyes.

“I expected cruelty, and armed myself against brutality, but I wasn’t prepared for this. I wasn’t prepared for him to be gentle and I don’t know how to fight it.”

As Volker tries to convince Evony that he is not the enemy, that he is more then his uniform, he will use whichever method of manipulation or seduction to get his point across. She will come to understand that there is no length he will not go to, to keep her.

Midnight Hunter is breathtaking. I was completely enraptured by this story. Not one for historical romances, I still fell in love with both Volker and Evony. Although set in dark times, their story was one of passion and eventually love. Beautiful 💜

“Good? I’m done for. If he can make me feel like that then moral considerations, borders and uniforms don’t come into it. One kiss from him, one look, and all my good intentions amount to nothing.”