Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry

Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry

Also by this author: Disgrace

Before i bought this book, of course i’ve read some reviews and almost all of them start with:
“Beautiful. Breathtaking. Brilliant.”
And now i get why. Because that’s the way this book is. It’s exactly like that.

Reading this amazing story i realized something. How do i know it’s a      5-∞* book? Because i highlight a lot. Heck, I feel like i could highlight it all. That’s how amazing it is. I also know because it stirred up all known emotions deep inside, from laughter to sobbing and backwards.

I hate you, Brittainy C. Cherry for killing a lot of them, but i guess in a very fucked up way it makes sense and makes the story this beautiful. This breathtaking. This brilliant.

A few more things :
1. I wish everybody would experience the kind of love that Ashlyn and Daniel have.
2. I wish i didn’t have a kindle unlimited subscription, because i feel like this books deserves to be paid good money for.
3. Guys, here’s some small things Brittainy says you could do, that could make you (even more of) a real rock star in your lady’s eyes: “take walks in the rain and jump in the puddles with her. Don’t mind her when she call you an asshole during that time of the month. Buy her flowers because it’s Tuesday. Make her do things that scare her. Don’t be a pushover – we don’t like that. Don’t be a dick either – we hate that. Smile at her when you’re mad. Dance with her in the middle of the day. Kiss her just because.” I promise you’ll feel like a GOD.
4. Girls: “kiss the wrong guy at the right time. kiss the right guy at the wrong time.”

“Beautiful. Breathtaking. Brilliant.”