Love in the Stacks (Love in New Bedford #2) by Delilah Peters

Love in the Stacks by Delilah Peters
Series: Love in New Bedford #2
on October 28, 2019

Hold on to your cardigan! This small-town Christmas is about to get steamy…
The most recent addition to New Bedford’s crack team of small-town librarians is Ben, a mysterious, tight-lipped recluse who prefers cataloging in the basement to interacting with his eccentric coworkers.
Poppy, the intrepid circulation clerk, is content to let him brood alone…at first.
As Christmas Eve approaches, Poppy braves Ben’s prickly demeanor—and the spooky basement stairs—with offerings of hot chocolate and friendship. What she discovers at Ben’s dimly lit desk is an endearing, complicated man who always expresses exactly what he wants.
Or would, if not for the constant interruptions that keep him from touching her.
When an unexpected snowstorm traps the potential lovebirds in the library overnight, Poppy and Ben finally have a chance to explore the energy that crackles between them.
Is it just epic sex? Or is it love in the stacks?
This book is approximately 15,000 words
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4 Raunchy Librarian Stars ⭐

Love In the Stacks is gorgeous little novella that I found completely endearing and it had me smiling the entire read. Somehow this author managed to weave a tale of two awkward and quirky librarians so perfect for each other that they burned up the pages…. and that’s no lie!

Poppy and Benjamin are colleagues who after some heavy petting in the library basement get snowed in together Christmas Eve.

But in the events leading up to one of the hottest nights of their lives, you get an insight into their passion and emotions they no longer need to hide.

When I stopped twirling, a little drunk on the night and the snow, and on the magic of Christmas Eve, Ben smiled at me, the first real smile he’d given me since our interlude in the stacks.

“You”, he said. “You are beautiful.”

Although this is a really quick read, the mood was perfectly set with a staff Christmas party, gaudy Christmas sweaters and stolen kisses. Both characters were flawed, kooky and downright amusing.