Locke (Corps Security #5) by Harper Sloan

Locke (Corps Security, #5) by Harper Sloan
Pages: 270
Series: Corps Security #5
on September 24, 2014

Darkness is the only thing I see. Ever since the day my life changed. The day that everything and everyone I held close to me ceased to exist. The day I lost it all and the demons of my past consumed my every waking moment. I tried to keep others at arm's length. Tried not to let my darkness taint them. Ruin them. Harm them. And whether I want to admit it or not, as much as I wish I could keep them locked out, they refuse to leave. Refuse to let me suffer alone. If I hadn't been so focused on keeping those demons from flying free, I wouldn't have missed how one perfect angel was able to sneak her way under my skin-refusing to let go. Making me want things I don't deserve. She consumes me. Her beauty knows no end. The love she promises tempts me every time she's near. But that pure heart that makes her MY Emmy is the one thing I'm convinced I'll destroy if I ever let her close. I'm a broken man. A broken man with too much darkness in his soul to ever let her light shine upon me. But even that doesn't stop me from craving her with every single breath in my body. **This is the final book in the Corps Security series. This book is not suitable for younger readers. There is strong language, adult situations, and some violence.**

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For a change, I think I’m going to review this one as I read it.

Chapter 5% and I’ve already went through a box of tissues.
Maddox Locke is the mysterious one of the Corps Security gang. He’s the one we already know is the most troubled, the one carring the most pain and for good reason!!! Reading what actually happened to him, I’m ugly crying. 😭

Emmy! Poor Emmy! My God, i thought Dee’s parents were horrible, but for Emmy’s I don’t even have words. I’m shocked to the core. They made her become a stripper at ten years old???? They didn’t care she was raped??? Fuck!

Later edit: Ok, so I was engrossed in this book, I forgot about my review.

I finished it one night, thatks how “unputdown-able” it is. I finally understood Locke! I mean, if I have had his life, I would have been just as scared and closed off as him. Maybe even worse. All that struggle, all those fears, all that pain led him to believe he’s better off alone.
Thank God, Emmy is one of the strongest female characters I’ve had the pleasure of “meeting”. She fought so hard for Maddox, it was unbelievable how she managed to do that for so many years, so many times. Their fights and shoutings actually made me laugh. So much attraction and chemistry, that even in those hard moments, you could feel their love. It was like a bomb ticking before going off.

I haven’t checked other books of Harper Sloan, but I get the feeling a series with all those babies these characters have made is coming (or it’s already out there). See, I told you this is so much like the Until series of Aurora Rose Reynolds. ☺️

It was an amazing journey reading these books. I loved all of them and enjoyed them immensely.