Little Dancer by Brianna Hale

by Brianna Hale
Little Dancer on April 17, 2017

Twenty-year-old dancer Abby Williams has only ever felt truly herself while she's onstage. It's the one place she gets the firm direction and focused attention she craves to keep her whimsical thoughts in order. Offstage she feels out of place, forced to give up her girlish treasures and bombarded at every turn with adult responsibilities. But one missed dance cue in front of the intimidating theater owner could take all this away.
Summoned to Rufus Kingsolver's office, Abby is terrified the darkly handsome, commanding man is about to end her dream. But Rufus has other ideas. He wants to be her Dom. He wants her to call him Daddy.
Abby is shocked, but the spark of curiosity and taboo desire have her wanting more. Under Rufus's firm hand, they explore the erotic depths of their unconventional, yet beautiful, relationship. Abby is falling deeper in love with Rufus and the Little/Dom lifestyle, but it's not long before she comes face-to-face with her darkest fear—judgment from the outside world.
Daddy knows best, but what if, this once, he can't protect her?

5 Baby Girl Stars ⭐️

Brianna Hale is my unicorn author. There is nothing she has written that I have disliked thus far and there is no book she could release that I wouldn’t purchase. I’m not going to explain that, it’s just how her books make me feel.

Little Dancer would have to be one of my favorite books of all time. It exposed me to a world of daddy kink that I thought I could never relate to, let alone enjoy. And frankly I don’t care if daddy kink offends you, each to their own…..

This is an endearing journey of a young woman Abby who hasn’t found her place in the world. She is adrift and even her own parents don’t understand her.
Dancing is her passion, it’s the only thing Abby has a connection to.

Rufus Kingsolver is the owner of a West End theatre in London. He is a perfectionist when it comes to his productions and demands the absolute best from everyone. But he instantly feels an affinity to Abby. His instinct is to protect her, and to see her flourish by all means….

“He’s treating me like a naughty child and I feel myself sinking into an uncomplicated place where I don’t have to think about having to be capable or a grown-up.”

“My heart should be racing and there should be tears in my eyes after the encounter with Mr. Kingsolver, but I hear only the soft, growling warmth of that good girl. I’m grounded. I’m calm.”

It is a story of passion, love and acceptance. It is beautifully written with descriptions of the theatre world that you are experiencing while reading it. There is a lovely slow burn that makes Rufus and Abby’s journey believable. It is filled with spanking kink, a dominant and his sub and an uncommon relationship of a daddy and his baby girl. This story is not for all. But if you are open minded, there is real beauty in this love story.