Like Father Like Son (Father/Son Duet #1) by Leigh Lennon

Like Father Like Son by Leigh Lennon
on July 21, 2019

Book 1 of The Father/Son Duet
I said good-bye to my son. But he had one final request—a letter I’ll never forget.
Dear Dad,If you're reading this, it means I'm gone. I had one dream, growing old with Holland. Death won't stop me from providing for my wife. And because you're the best man I know, what I'm about to ask—my last request—I know you'll do. Please take care of Holland. Take her back to California with you. It's a lot—I know. But, I’m placing my most precious possession in your hands.Love, Scott
But the thoughts swirling through my mind are certainly not what my late son had in mind. How do I resist this woman in front of me? After all, you can't choose love, it chooses you.

4 Darlin’ Stars ⭐️ 

Dear Dad,

Fuck, If you’re reading this, it means I’m gone. I had one dream, growing old with Holland. Death won’t stop me from providing for her, though. And because you’re the best man I know, what I’m about to ask you—I know you’ll do for me. Please take care of Holland.

You know this is going to be a tough read even before you flip the first page.
A young woman who becomes a widow by the time she is 21 years old and a godsend of a father in law who steps in to pick up the pieces…

But somehow this author manages to make this story poignant, bittersweet and bearable to read just with the pace and the sweetness of her writing.

Holland finds herself alone with the sudden passing of her husband Scott. Believing to be on her own, she is relieved when her father in law Maguire is eager to fulfil his son’s last wishes. Bringing her back to California to help Holland rebuild her life is just the first step. Thus begins a journey of healing and new beginnings for both of them.

Whether it’s grief, loneliness and familiarity, an unlikely attachment & attraction begins to form between Maguire and Holland. Even though both acknowledge the inappropriateness of it; it simmers in the background.

“Do you think I want to love you, Holland? Do you think I want to crave you with my next breath, my next thought? I’ve tried to fight this, but hell, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Now this is supposedly a taboo read due to the forbidden nature of the story, BUT Book 1 in the Father/Son Duet was disappointingly tame with hardly any sexual content. Although I enjoyed this book, I actually feel cheated because this story didn’t deliver in that respect.