Lap of Luxury (Love Don’t Cost A Thing #2) by Brianna Hale

by Brianna Hale
Lap of Luxury

Captive. Pet. Lover. Pawn…

Darkness lives inside Damir Ravnikar, and that darkness craves one thing: me. Rich, ruthless, and handsome as sin, Damir’s promised me the world to make up for my life’s myriad disappointments.

But his promise comes with a price.

Damir intends to use me to hunt down his double-crossing brother. With every jewel, every kiss, I can feel myself losing my morals, my freedom and even my sanity. Because darkness lives inside me, too. He’s laying my deepest secrets bare, and there’s nothing I can do to stop him.

My name is Bethany, and I’ve fallen into the lap of luxury.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Contains dark romantic themes. This book is NOT a standalone and is intended to be read after COME TO DADDY. No cliffhanger.

5 Bloodthirsty Queen Stars ⭐

Blood and Violence

Fear and Arousal

This is their love story…

Bethany is a young woman who has carved out a nice little life for herself despite growing up in foster care.   As the secretary of one of the wealthiest Ravnikar brothers, she has become familiar with the finer things in life; something her salary doesn’t cover.  Bethany isn’t opposed to sugaring. What’s better then wealthy men willing to shower her with gifts? Convincing herself that this drives her. There are aspects of herself that she prefers to ignore, such as her fascination with all things dark.  Things that she’s never really understood and never fully embraced until Damir Ravnikar.

“There’s a scared little girl under that brash exterior. She’s terrified of what she wants, and that’s not surprising, because what she wants is me.”

Damir Ravnikar, rich, dangerous, unscrupulous.  He lives by his own rules, a king of his empire.  Those that don’t fall in line will experience his wrath firsthand.  He always takes what he wants and this time it’s Bethany. Kidnapping is simply a means to an end.   Damir has waited a long time for a woman that matches his dark soul. Now that he has found her, he will persuade her to unveil all that she is, by any means.    

““Nobody’s allowed to frighten you.” His teeth delicately graze my ear. “Nobody but me.””

Clutch on to your pearls because Damir is a glorious antihero.  Where logically you should be disgusted by everything he represents, he was kind of delicious. One minute he was psycho, the next sweet and the sexual little games he played with Bethany, I loved. Be warned, some will be perturbed by what turns them on…

““Aren’t you going to tie me up?”

“Go to sleep, princesa.”

“What if I try and kill you in the night?”

His teeth gleam in the darkness as he grins.

“You know I love foreplay.””