Kaleidoscope (Colorado Mountain #6) by Kristen Ashley

by Kristen Ashley
Kaleidoscope Series: Colorado Mountain #6

by Kristen Ashley
Kaleidoscope Series: Colorado Mountain #6

I have to be honest with you. 1% through the book, I came back on Gr and read some of my friends’ reviews. Two of them rated it 2★ and they were quite disappointed, saying something like KA “losing her voice because of her publicist”. Therefore, I might not have read Kaleidoscope with a totally open mind. My bad, I admit.

That being said, here’s my honest opinion about it (influenced or not by those reviews).
I liked it, but it was indeed different from all the others I’ve read so far.

Short summary: Jacob Decker (Chance’s best friend – we know him from Breathe) and Emme. They’ve known each other for 14 years. He was Emme’s ex bbf’s ex-boyfriend. While he was with Elsbeth, all three of them were in a sort of relationship, meaning that he was involved romantically with Elsbeth but on all other ways with her bff, Emme.
Which means they had feelings for each other, Deck and Emme, everybody knew, but no one admitted it. They meet again now, after 9 years, when Emme’s no longer friends with Elsbeth and of course, Deck’s single.

Now, I said this book is different from the other KA books and that’s because:
1. I was used to major drama, usually around the heroine. Not the case here. She’s really damaged, but for something that happened to her 20 years ago.
2. Sex. Not as hot/believable as it was with any of the previous heroes & heroines. KA doesn’t write erotica, but still, she had a way of making it hot in a smart and elegant way. Here, it’s way to PG. Almost inexistent.
3. The girl posse. I was used to that. I liked that a lot. Not the case here
4. I didn’t feel the relationship between Deck and Emme. That again never happened before.
5. Not full of emotions. I didn’t laugh, I didn’t cry, I basically didn’t feel much.

As i said before, I liked the book. I didn’t put it down, still read it in 1 day and I’ll still be a huge KA fan. Maybe it’s supposed to be different. Different characters, different story, something new.
You should definitely read it and make your own opinion. 🙂

PS: I loved the fact that it brought me back great childhood memories, as I remember I used to have a kaleidoscope at my grandparents’ house. 🙂