Indigo Nights by Louise Bay

Indigo Nights by Louise Bay

Also by this author: Calling Me, The Earl of London

OH! MY! GOOOOOD! This book is too good to be true. And it happens to be first first ARC, so this makes it even better. It’s my favorite type of romance and I loved it with all my heart. I actually read it slooooowly, afraid to be over too soon.

This is the story of Beth & Dylan. She bakes cakes and he’s a successful businessman. They meet in airplane about to take of from Chicago to London. Their flight is first delayed and then canceled, which gives them the perfect opportunity to get to know each other.

Let me give you a few details that i hope will pique your interest.

Before he takes his seat in 8A, she hears the cabin crew going crazy about having him on board again, which makes Beth take a peek at him, so she can understand what all the fuss was about.

“The brunette’s eyes were wide. I followed the direction of her gaze and found the back of suit jacket. Whoever Mr. 8A was, he was tall, broad and wore expensive tailoring. (…) He looked like a man who did everything very deliberately, with no mistakes. (…) I understood their excitement. There weren’t many men who wore a suit like he did, or many men who were so handsome they elicited a short intake of breath on first glance. Or many men who looked like if they touched a woman, they’d possess her forever.”

“Everything about him was magnetic. (…) His eyes were blue, but an unusual shade. Indigo.”

Admit it, you’d be curious too. I know i was. It felt like i was seeing or sensing him too.
Now, one of the things that makes this book simply amazing is that we have a dual POV. Perfectly delivered by Louise Bay, if i may add.

I loved this book because:
– Dylan.
“Because he’s gorgeous, rich and powerful, and I think his penis might have magic powers.”
He’s amazing, seriously. I loved that he was arrogant, confident, sexy as hell, alpha-male without turning caveman on us, honest and not afraid to express his feelings. Oh, and huge bonus points for not being a commitment-phobe.

– Beth, for being a fighter. She is an alcoholic, 4 years sober. And for being vulnerable, yet strong, sexy and charming, honest, smart…
“To me. You’re perfect, to me.”

– Their journey together. It seemed real. Unforced. I loved how things progressed between them. Even if it was somehow predictable at some point (I was sure his ex and the media company would be a problem ) it was still great. 5 stars worthy, that’s for sure.

– It wasn’t just hot & steamy. It was more than that. Louise Bay delivers a range of emotions through her story. I laughed and I also felt like crying. It’s what we need.

– I’ve said it before, but I’ll do it again. Having a dual POV was crucial here. It was great being able to be inside Dylan’s mind too. It made it easier to love him.

– The epilogue, of course. I usually want to see how things are “5 years later”, but in this case, Louise Bay surprised me and made it even better than what I was imagining.

The only thing I felt was missing was another 200 pages. It was too good and I didn’t want it to be finished.

It is a stand alone novel, with no cliffhanger.

Now, ladies, please STOP whatever you’re doing and go and buy this book. Trust me, you won’t regret it. If you love romance novels and erotica this is the best combination possible.

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ARC provided by the author for an honest review.