His Temptation (The HIS Collection #4) by Amber A. Bardan

His Temptation by Amber A. Bardan
Series: The HIS Collection #4
on June 6, 2017

Dog walking was supposed to be Katie’s easy third job.When she answered the ad, she had no idea she’d be working for Clay “The Grinch” Colson—recently retired baseball superstar. He’s every bit as intimidating as the scowl he’s famous for, and Katie believes the rumors she’s heard about how mean he is are true—until she sees him with his overgrown, crazy Boxer, Dixie.Lucky Katie gets completely unexpected, front-row seats to a side of Clay the tabloids never captured. Every. Single. Morning. And the more she’s exposed to his gruff affection, the more she can’t help thinking there’s so much hiding behind that scowl… The more she wonders what she’d have to do to have him call her his good girl.Every morning, the sexiest woman he’s ever seen comes to his house and calls him Daddy. Sure, she’s his dog walker, but that doesn’t mean she has the right to sashay into his world every morning, plant that saucy little gaze on him, and say, “Good morning, Daddy.”Now that’s all he can think about—being her very dirty daddy.
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4 Rainbow Thong Stars ⭐

For all my kindred pervy readers, His Temptation was the bomb. This sexy tale of dog walker Katie and owner Clay Colson was naughty, panty melting and thoroughly enjoyable!

Katie is accustomed to her sexy boss being grouchy and pedantic. But it’s the little things he does for her that out weigh the negatives.
Clay is quickly realizing that his scattered employee needs a lot of looking after. Someone to ease the hectic pace she keeps, a daddy per se.

When professional lines begin to blur, and it becomes apparent that both Cody and Katie are on board with their new found dynamic, all bets are off….

It’s a dirty game, and it’s kinky play, and maybe I should be ashamed.

Maybe another girl would be. But not me.

Daddy Kink isn’t for everyone, but this one was a genuinely sweet read about two people that bring out the best in each other and happily embrace what makes them happy.

I tremble in need of something so deeply I could die of longing for it, and it’s so close, right here, and I don’t know what it is.

“I’ve got you.” He rocks me and holds my cheek, pressing my face to his shoulder.

“Daddy’s got you, baby.”

And there it is.