Hard Fix by Mila Crawford

Hard Fix by Mila Crawford
Series: A Blue Collar Romance
on April 12, 2019

Edison Roads was born with a wrench in his hand to a working class family. He’s worked hard to get where he is; owner of one of the fastest growing companies in America. His success, coupled with his dashing looks have earned him the reputation of America’s Most Eligible Bachelor. But Edison isn’t a ladies’ man. He wants a real woman to share his success with. Problem is—there’s no one who’s ever caught his attention.
Laney Mills was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But the hum of an engine and the scent of motor oil was the only thing that made her feel like she was truly herself. She worked hard to establish her own business without capitalizing on her family’s wealth. So when The Lace Garage gets a fancy new competitor in town, she is less than ecstatic.
Wanting to blow off steam, Lacey and Edison head to the same local bar unbeknownst to the other, where a night of explosive passion leads to a junkyard of problems.
Should Laney and Edison try to repair the damage, or should they just scrap this lemon? Either way, this internal combustion is one hell of hard fix.
Warning: Get your engines running with these two mechanics. Laney will do anything to drive him off the road while all Edison can think about is getting under her hood.

4 Cherry Stars ⭐

Hard Fix is my first read By Mila Crawford and I’m thrilled that I’ve found another author I can binge on.  This was a charmingly hot and smutty enemy to lovers’ story that hooked me from get go. I’m bewildered as to how this author managed to successfully combine mechanics, cupcakes and spankings in one story, but she did….

Laney Mills works at and owns ‘The Lace Garage’ specializing in car restorations and baked goods; go figure!  Now facing local competition, business is struggling, and the solution isn’t sleeping with the competitor.

Edison Roads has built his empire from humble beginnings.  Even with all his successes, nothing could prepare him for Laney Mills, not her sex appeal nor her wrath.

A story featuring a feisty and tatted heroine with curves for days and a lust worthy nemesis that is more than equipped to handle her, this was the perfect guilty pleasure.  The sex scenes were smoking, the characters were confident, bold and amusing; that this book was simply enjoyable. 

“I was her main competition in life. Exactly the kind of partner I wanted. Laney Mills knew how to fuck some shit up. I was simultaneously impressed, scared, and turned the fuck on.”