Getting Played (Getting Some #2) by Emma Chase

Getting Played by Emma Chase
Pages: 241
Series: Getting Some #2
on October 8, 2019

A magnificent new romance by New York Times bestselling author Emma Chase.
Dean Walker is all about keeping life simple. He's effortlessly talented and intelligent—spending his summers playing drums in the local band and the rest of the year teaching high school in the same Jersey town where he grew up. He likes his love life simple too, enjoying the commitment-free hook-ups his good looks and sexy charm have always made oh so easy.
Then he meets Lainey Burrows. And his simple, easy life gets turned upside down.
One wild one-night stand was all it was ever supposed to be, so Lainey is shocked when she discovers that her sizzling summer fling is also her son's new math teacher. But that's nothing compared to the most unexpected twist of all—their hot hook-up left Lainey knocked up, and now they're about to become parents. Together.
What ensues is an addictive, insatiable, sweet and tender romance that won't be simple, but it will be more than worth the fight.

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“Supercalifragilisticexpiali-fuck me, Dean”

Ok, so here’s the thing. I’ve recently noticed that after 800 books read so far, i’m not willing to give my 5⭐️ as easily as I might have done in the past. As we all know, ratings and reviews are entirely subjective, so here’s why Getting Played was perfect for me.

Reason #1: humour. It made me feel soooo good, I laughed out loud many times, I giggled and chuckled, grinned, smirked and smiled through out the entire thing.

“But I’m putting this on the table . . . anytime you feel like being not smart, I’m your guy. You change your mind and want to hook up, for one night . . . or ten . . . I am up for that.” He gestures to his groin. “Literally, up for it. Just say the words.” A giggle tickles my throat. “What words?” “Yes, Dean. Please, Dean. Now, Dean. Supercalifragilisticexpiali-fuck me, Dean. Any combination of those will work. Don’t be shy—I’m a sure thing. Okay?”

Reason #2: i fell in love with the hero. It was insta-love kind of thing for me. I mean, he’s basically a genius, Math teacher, football coach, sexy drummer, good with kids teenagers and funny.

“According to my son, Coach Walker sounds like a combination of Captain America, ‪Eddie Vedder‬, Chris Hemsworth, and Albert Einstein.”

“ Okay. Over the summer, I hooked up with this girl and she was like . . .” I search my mind for an adequate way to convey all that Lainey was, in a way they’ll understand. My voice goes wispy with awe. “. . . a Hot Dog Johnny’s hot dog, with everything on it.”

“I’m here to shovel your drive, baby. Feel free to take that as the pun it’s intended to be.”

Reason #3: i enjoyed the story. Nice and easy rom-com, a little tine bit of drama, great side characters – Jayson, Grams, Lainey’s sisters, even Lucifer!. No mess, no fuss. Even so, I couldn’t put it down!

Reason #4: the heroine. She’s this amazing lifestyle blogger, who I wished to be real, just so I could follow her on all available social media platforms. 😄 She’s equally funny as Dean, awesome single mom and basically my type of a strong heroine.

“Are my vaginal secretions acidic or something? Do they just eat through the condom?”

Reason #5: small town romance. ❤️

Maybe it doesn’t have that emotional depth I sometimes need, it isn’t a rollercoaster, it didn’t touch my heart like others did, but it made me feel SO GOOD, that it leaves no other choice than to give it all the ⭐️ available.