Finley (Sunset Cove #1) by Ella Frank

by Ella Frank
Finley (Sunset Cove, #1) Series: Sunset Cove #1
on March 23, 2016
Pages: 372

***A spin-off from the Temptation Series***
It's time to come home, Finn.It’s been seven years since Daniel Finley left his hometown in Florida for the hustle and bustle of Chicago’s city life.Since then, he’s worked hard for his position at the prestigious law firm Leighton & Associates, even when it’s caused distance and isolation from his family and friends. But that’s all about to change.On his thirtieth birthday, he receives the one thing he never dared hope for. Something that was promised to him years earlier—a note. One simple sentence from the man he’s never been able to forget.Six words will forever change the course of their lives.Brantley Hayes has it all. Or so he thinks. When he first made the decision to take a job down in Florida, his family thought he was crazy. But, after years of living in the quiet beach town, he finally feels a sense of community. He’s surrounded himself with friends who are like family, has a job he loves, and owns a spectacular beachfront property that is his sanctuary.Yet he still feels unfulfilled, as if a piece of the puzzle is missing, and he knows exactly which piece it is. On an impulse, he follows through with a promise he made years earlier. A promise to call home the one he sent away.Nothing is as simple as it seems.After years of separation, the former lovers are reunited, but Brantley wasn’t expecting to encounter the high walls now guarding Daniel’s heart. Daniel may not be the same person he was when he left, but he knows that the first step to healing is the note in his hand.

I’m emotionally drained. Colleen Hoover style. Only she was able to put me on a rollercoaster of emotions like that. Well, congrats Ella Frank, you did it too. Damn!

This book is not about a story, a plot, great characters, love, sexy time. No, sir. No!
This book is all about emotions. Emotions all over the place. Emotions gripping your heart, tear it apart and put it back together. Good emotions and bad emotions. All sorts of emotions.

There is this guy, Daniel Finley. You can call him Finn. Imagine he’s 19 and a law student. Meet his professor, Brantley Hayes, who’s 9 years older than him.
Finn has a crush on his professor. He’s also very determined to become more than Mr. Hayes’s student. Imagine him succeeding that. Imagine them having the most wonderful relationship everyone could dream of for about 3 years. Then, all of a sudden, his professor decides that Finn should move from Florida to Chicago to finish his studies. He thought that would be the best choice for Finn’s career and life. To make him go, he just slams the door in Finn’s face.
Fast forward 7 years.

It’s time to come home, Finn.”

Those six words that will change their lives forever. It appears the professor is done waiting so he summons Finn to come come. The problem is that Finn is up for a big promotion at the Law firm he’s working in Chicago. He’s also not the young boy, carefree and in love he used to be. But he comes back.

Here’s the thing. In every relationship there’s someone who loves more and usually that’s the one who hold all the power over the other. Coming back home, Finn was in charge. Now, the roles were reversed and he was the one holding all the power.

No. I’m here because you told me to come home. But we both know I won’t truly be home until I’m back between your sheets, Professor.”

Now is the time to brace yourself for that rollercoaster of emotions I told you about in the beginning. I can only tell you how I felt reading this book.
These men made me wonder what would be like wanting something so bad for almost a decade and then finally have it.
I also thought I’ve read a lot of romance novels, but I couldn’t remember the last one that portrayed a bigger and more consuming love than this one.
They broke my heart with their stubbornness, games (coming home just for two weeks with a certain goal in his mind, Finn was definitely playing a game) and making life changing decisions for the other thinking they knew best.
The short time they spent together, now, after 7 years was unreal. Charged with sexual tension, electrified with need and all that pent-up desire was unbelievable. I would actually say amazing, if I wasn’t feeling so emotionally spent after finished this book.

But then again

God, this was the sweetest torture there could be. So was it heaven or hell? Most likely hell, he thought, because the flames licking their way up through his body could have only been a result of something sinful.”

As you can see, there’s not a big plot waiting for you. It’s just a fantastic love story between two men who loved each other more than words could say and you get the honor to have a front row seat to their journey of finding each other once again.

Though Ella Frank says this is a spin off of her Temptation series, it most definitely can be read as a standalone. To be honest, I didn’t even remember Finn from Tate & Logan’s story. By the way, they are still my #1 gay couple, so if you haven’t met them, it’s time to do that.

I would rate this book with more than 5★ if i could….

PS: Kudos to Ella Frank for building my expectations about Sunset Cove #2, which I expect it to be about Jordan and Derek. I’m dying to know what happened there. 🙂